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Pandemic of Love

What If?                    27/02/2022

What if, instead of a pandemic of covid, there was a pandemic of love?

A droplet of love flies through the air to be inhaled by a friend or stranger,

An instantaneous feeling of care and concern for others replaces all selfishness,

Feelings are transformed into actions, kindness prevails, and with every breath in and out, love is multiplying and spreading like a superbug through the earth.

There are no barriers to contain it, no masks that can prevent it, no air filters it cannot penetrate.

Soon, love is everywhere, no corner of the world escapes, a mystery unfolds as human beings put others’ needs before their own.

No-one complains, everyone is happy, there is no crime, no hunger, no war, no homelessness, no racism or prejudice-everyone is willingly sharing their resources.

How did this happen? Where did it start? How does it spread? Scientists are puzzled, politicians incredulous, police redundant. None of the “isms” could achieve this, not communism, nor fascism, or western democracy, Roman, Greek or religious rule.

All efforts are directed at keeping this pandemic alive. The media is overflowing with good news stories. Humility, selflessness, well-being and gratitude abound.

What if ?

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