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A-Z of Courses

This is the complete list of courses currently available for you to select.  They are in alphabetical order. 

Courses generally start in February so make your selection from December to mid January. 

In the second half year, new courses are announced in June so make your selection in June.

At other times of the year you should contact the course coordinators (as some groups are limited in their numbers). IF YOU JUST WANT TO SEE WHAT COURSES ARE ON IN THE  REST OF THIS MONTH AND NEXT MONTH THEN CHOOSE "COURSES THIS MONTH." THAT IS THE LAST HEADING IN THIS COURSES FIELD.

Ancestry Search [ANS]

This course is for anyone researching their family history or needing help to record family stories for their children and grandchildren. We usually have a speaker on some aspect of family history, and we can help you find those elusive ancestors and distant relations. Come and be inspired to start or to continue your family history journey. Morning tea is available at a small cost.

Co-ordinator: Doug Miller, [email protected] (232 7724 or 020 464 5537)
3rd Fridays at 9.30 am, Starts 19th February
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Art Group [ART]

Calling all people in Tawa who are skilled in art, please come to share your skills and interests with the art group. You will be very welcome as we are a very sociable group. We want to encourage everyone with or without an ability to sketch or paint to come along to give art a go. We have a wide range of equipment, just bring paper. You may prefer to work on your own project which would be inspiring to the group. Every Thursday 10.00 am to noon.

Leader: Maureen Johnston, [email protected] (232 4555)
Co-ordinator: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)
Every Thursday 10:0am till noon. Starts 11th February
Venue: Tawa Community Centre

Arthritis Discussion Group [ATH]

Two sessions. A group meeting to exchange experience in: managing pain, treatments, operations, activities, support.

Leader: Marina Fabris, [email protected] (232 7007)
Co-ordinator: Don Hunter, [email protected] (232 9633)
Wednesday February 24th , 1:30 pm
Venue: Tawa Community Centre

Bead Necklaces [BNK]

It is easy and fun to make a bead necklace to complement a favourite top. I have a wide selection of beads and fastenings for you to work with. The initial cost is a bead necklace tray from Spotlight. The charity shops are a great source of beads from necklaces which can be pulled apart.

Leader: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)
Wednesdays in April weekly 1.30 pm, Starts: 7th April
Venue: Member's home

Books1 [BK1]

Members talk about the books they have been reading. No set book. Books are frequently shared. The discussion about a book often triggers wider discussion on topical issues.

Leader: Faith Delaney (232 6730)
2nd Mondays, 10 am, Starts February 8th
Venue: Member's home

Books2 [BK2]

Members talk about the books they have been reading. No set book. Books are often shared. The discussion about a book often triggers wider discussion on topical issues. Starts: January 25th

Leader: Diane Scott (232 6958)
4th Monday at 10 am. Starts: January 25th
Venue: Member's home

Botany [BOT]

The aim is to enable group members to study and learn about the many types of New Zealand flora, especially trees. The Botany group encompasses people with a wide variety of botanical skills and a wish to identify new specimens while exploring rich native ecosystems including native bush. These extend to swamp areas and coastal zones like estuaries. The Wellington area provides excellent opportunities for botany study both in the field and in imaginative indoor study facilities such as Te Papa. Every effort is made to balance out the more demanding outdoor venues with easier to visit ones. Bring lunch.

Leader: Gil Roper (897 0155)
Co-ordinator: Helen Roper, [email protected] (897 0155)
Second Mondays, 9:30am departure. Starts: 8th February
Venue: Davies Street/Luckie Street car-park

Choir [CHR] (U3A Singers)

Over 50 voices sing a wide variety of music. Some popular songs arranged for mixed choir; some serious choral works like Opera Choruses. Folk Songs, Songs from Musicals and Films. Some are challenging others really simple. There's always going to be a good selection that you will enjoy.

Leader: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
Co-ordinator: Eileen Preval, [email protected] (232 4200 or 021 231 4240)
Mondays, 1:15pm, Starts: February 15th
Venue: Stephen's Lounge, Tawa Union Church

Computer Chatter [CMP]

Discussions about and keeping up to date with computers, smart phones & tablets (including iPhones & iPads) and software. We’ll announce by email the main topics for the next session. Please enrol now even if only some sessions might interest you.

Co-ordinator: John Baldwin, [email protected] (027 349 7777 or 237 6501)
4th Thursday, 10am. Starts: February 25th
Venue: Tawa Community Centre


A “hands-on” session run by the Wellington Free Ambulance. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillator training.

Leader: Jan Jones, [email protected] (021 259 9797)
Tuesday 23rd March at 10am
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Current Affairs [CAF]

This group examines and reflects on political events and social trends in NZ and around the world. Topics are chosen by the group and the leader then promotes discussion on each of those topics. Everyone who wishes to speak is always accorded the opportunity. Coffee and tea are served both before and after the session.

Leader: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 or 021 991 404)
Co-ordinator: Helen Roper, [email protected] (897 0155)
First Wednesday, 10am. Starts 3rd February
Venue: Annexe at St Christopher’s Church

Discussion Group [DIS]

A small group, meeting to have a discussion on proposed topics of community interest after enjoying a simple morning tea.

Leader: Digby Gudsell, [email protected] (2326110)
Second Wednesday, 10am. Starts February 10th
Venue: Member's home

Drop-In Philosophy [DPH]

Drop In is for members who are interested in meeting to discuss ideas. The meetings are modelled on the overseas Socrates cafes and afford participants the opportunity to raise topics that interest or puzzle them. The discussion is at layperson’s level, and the emphasis is on seeing more clearly, on questions and clarification not answers. All U3A members are welcome.

Leader: Don Hunter, [email protected] (232 9633)
2:30 pm Sundays fortnightly. Starts: Sunday March 14th
Venue: has been changed to: Yeay's House 209 Main Road

Garden Group [GGP]

Our first meeting for 2021 will be on Friday 5th February at 9.30 at the Emmaus Centre, St Christopher's church. U3A garden group at the Emmaus centre

9.30 tea and coffee for 10.00 start.

March 5th: Planning your seasonal work programme with the emphasis on making the most of your resources.

Leader: Alison Bayly

April: no meeting as this is Easter Friday

Any of the following may change.

Future messages will come from Jeanette.

May 7th: Topic yet to be concluded.

Leaders are Jeanette Satterthwaite and Jeanie Fyfe

June 4th: Gardens of the World or Garden History DVD

Leaders: Beverly Parsons and ?

July 2: Rose garden pruning demonstration (at Grasslees?)

Leader: Prue Theobald

August 6th: Why do we get into gardening?

Discussion with a gardening quiz.

Leaders: Sally and Patrick Horan

September 3rd: Plant and produce sale

Leaders: ?

October1st: Visit to ?

November 5th: end of year event

Leader: Alison Bayly for March (027 437 9215)
Co-ordinator: Jeanette Satterthwaite (027 348 7475)
first Fridays
Venue: Emmaus centre

Growing Food [GFD]

These sessions will be at the Tawa Community Garden where you can get ideas and advice for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. The garden is in Oxford Street which is easy to access. Various composting methods will be discussed.

Leader: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)
Co-ordinator: Yet to be decided
Wednesdays, fortnightly 10.00 to 11.30 am Starts: 10th February
Venue: Tawa Community Garden, Oxford Street

Health Issues [HLT]

“Health Issues” is the title for topical, informative and lively talks presented by

General Practitioner, Dr. Kathy Stone: two entertaining sessions per Semester.

They are usually about an hour long, and deal with 2 topics.

Dr. Stone invites questions from the audience, and accepts requests for health topics

that she can address on future occasions.

Leader: Dr. Kathy Stone.
Co-ordinator: Robin Thomson, [email protected] (232 5270 )
Two talks, Thursdays 9:30am. Dates 15th April & 20th May
Venue: In April at Emmaus Centre but in May at TUC

Indoor Bowls [INB]

We have the use of sets of bowls and a mat to set up at the Community Centre. We will start small and see how popular this activity becomes.

Leader: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)
Co-ordinator: Yet to be decided
February and March, Wednesdays @ 1.00pm. Starts: February 10th
Venue: Tawa Community Centre (TBC)

Indoor Games [ING]

A variety of board and card games played by members. 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesdays @ 1.30pm.

Leader: David Parsons (236 6200 or 027 427 2094)
1st and 3rd (also 5th) Wednesdays at 1.30 pm Starts: February 3rd
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Keep-fit Classes [KFT]

Tutor Mark Anderson gives specific advice as required and leads members in exercises to improve cardio, strength and flexibility. Mark ensures the exercises are safe and tailored to your specific needs. A warm and supportive atmosphere is maintained at all times.

$7 per half hour.

Only U3A members are present during the agreed times

Times available: Mondays 1-2pm Thursdays 2-3pm Fridays 1-2pm

Leader: Mark Anderson (027 458 8674)
Co-ordinator: Brian Wilson, [email protected] (234 7085)
Venue: Revolve Fitness, Tawa Mall

Knitting Circle [KNT]

Gather together with your current project to share ideas, problems and patterns over a cuppa.

Leader: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915/027 635 4733)
1st Tuesday @ 2pm Starts: March 2nd
Venue: Member's home

Literature [LIT]

1. Mary-Lynn will present another of her favourite Katherine Mansfield Stories

2. Have you a favourite poem to share?

Wed Oct 13th & Nov 17th @ 1.30pm

Venue: Tawa Library

Lunch Group [LCH]

A group who meet once a month, not necessarily on the same day, to sample foods in cheap and cheerful local cafes.

Leader: Diane Scott (232 6958)
Dates are determined month by month as suits the group
Venue: Local Cafes

Meccano [MEC]

There was a time when Meccano was every boy’s dream. Meccano parts may have altered just a little over the years but the ability to use them to build innovative structures or machines is undimmed. This group is extremely popular, and it is not just restricted to the guys!

Leader: Max George, [email protected] (232 4200)
Co-ordinator: Gillian George, [email protected] (232 4200)
2nd and 4th Mondays 9.30am – 11.30am Starts: 10th February
Venue: Member's home

Music and Lunch [M&L]

1st Monday @ 10.30 am – 1.30pm A sociable group that gathers round a light lunch of soup & sandwiches (plus whatever else people may bring on the day) in the home of a next-on-the-list member. The host of the day chooses the music. Round the dining table socialising between 10.30 am and 1 pm(ish). Music and chat are the common interests. Numbers are limited to around 8.

Leader: George Luck, [email protected] (232 1546)
Co-ordinator: George Luck, [email protected] (232 1546)
1st Monday, 10:30am - 1:30pm. Starts: February 1st
Venue: Member's homes

Music Performance Group [MPG]

Members perform short items to each other. You don't have to be a virtuoso – just interested in giving yourself a reason to practice something ready to perform for others to enjoy.

There is a wide range of abilities and everyone is very supportive of the other performers. Room for more if you'd like to join us.

Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
Monthly, 1st Thursdays @ 1.30pm. Starting: February 4th
Venue: Member's home

New Books in the Library [NBL]

U3A Tawa enjoys enormous cooperation from the Tawa Library staff. This course involves U3A receiving long term loans (six weeks) of books that are new to Tawa Library. Members then read and discuss the books. If a member of the group is impressed with the reports from the others they will usually be allowed to have that book next, provided there is no formal reserve on it in the general library system. Members of the group are encouraged to write reviews of their books and these reviews are featured on the library’s “New Books” shelves. Everyone is encouraged to widen their reading range by reading outside their personal comfort zones if possible. Tea and coffee are provided by the library. Monthly, 2nd Thursdays @ 10am

Starts: February 11th

Co-ordinator: Pauline Gallagher, [email protected] (232 4653)
2nd Thursdays, 10 am. Starts: February 11th
Venue: Tawa Library

Opera [OPR]

In Recess

Outdoor Games [OUG]

At present the two games are petanque and croquet and the venue is the very pleasant Aotea Park by the Aotea lagoon. Hot drinks and biscuits are provided at half time. These games are somewhat weather-dependent but the hardy souls in this group turn out regardless of the weather! A minimum of 8 players required to be viable. Equipment provided.

Co-ordinator: Eileen Preval, [email protected] (232 4272)
Weekly 10am - 12pm. Starts: February 5th
Venue: Aotea Lagoon

Parks & Reserves in Tawa [P&R]

1: Native Bush Reserves of Tawa – location, some history, flora and fauna, pest control, source of the reserves’ names

2: Guided walk in one of these reserves

3: Parks of Tawa – location, history, iconic features, history of groups using the parks today, source of parks’ names

4: Guided walk in one of the parks/exotic plant reserves to view iconic the features present

Leader: Gil Roper (897 0155)
Co-ordinator: Helen Roper, [email protected] (897 0155)
10am Thursdays 4th , 11th, 18th & 25th March
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Piano Recital [PNO]

Jancis, Helen and Chris will present another recital of piano music. Solos, duets and works for 2 pianos. Refreshments will be served during the interval.

One session each half year.

Tuesday March 16th @ 10.00 - 12noon

Leader: Jancis Potter, [email protected]
Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
Tuesday March 16th at 10.00 - 12noon.
Venue: Member's home

Ramblers [RBS]

A social walking group. Bring water and your lunch. Meet at Davies Street/Luckie Street car-park. Thursdays, weekly @ 10am

Co-ordinator: Shirley Williamson, [email protected] (232 6746)
Thursdays weekly, 10 am Starts: Thursday February 4th
Venue: Davies Street/Luckie Street car-park

Reading Shakespeare [RDS]

In recess.

Scrap-Booking [SCB]

Join our friendly group to learn techniques to display your photos in an interesting and lasting way. Numbers limited.

Leader: Margaret Williams, [email protected] (232 3312)
Co-ordinator: Anne Raven, [email protected] (232 5660)
Fridays, weekly. 9:30am. Starts: February 12th
Venue: Tawa Commuity Centre

Sewing for Yourself & Your Home [SEW]

Bring along your current projects for guidance. Or just bring your machine and sew in companionship.

Minimum of 3 participants.

Leader: Pat Hammond
2nd & 4th Wednesdays, Fortnightly at 1.30pm. Starts: February 10th
Venue: Tawa Union Church Lounge

Table Tennis [TTN]

Join the group of enthusiastic players on a Thursday morning for your exercise for the day.

Leader: Virginia Ng [email protected] (232 9971)
Thursdays weekly at 9.30 am. Starts: February 11th
Venue: Tawa Community Centre Hall

Tawa History [TWH]

More about the Old Porirua Road. This was introduced last year and now will be expanded upon.

Leader: Bruce Murray
Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 / 027 635 4733)
Monday 8th & 15th March
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Theatre Visits [THV]

Our local theatres offer a brilliant range of productions. Each month I email you with suggestions and ask for expressions of interest. After I've made a provisional booking I will ask you to pay into the U3A theatre account, which is then transferred to the appropriate theatre: Circa, Mana Little Theatre, Gryphon, Khandallah Arts Theatre, Kapiti Playhouse or Hutt Repertory

Leader: Alison Bayly (027 437 9215)
Co-ordinator: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)

Travel Adventures [TRA]

12 February 2021 Ron Doggett - Off the Beaten Track

12 March Rob Julian - Experiences in Burma (Myanmar)

9 April Carole Naylor either Otago Goldfield towns or European Bus Tour

14 May Gil and Helen Roper - A Train Journey through the Avenue of Volcanoes in the High Andes of Ecuador >>>

11 June Geoff Marshall – Off the Beaten Track

Each month a member shares a ’slide show’ of their holiday. 2nd Friday Monthly 10.00am

Co-ordinator: Carole Naylor, [email protected] (233 8033 )
Second Fridays 10am. Starts: February 12th
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Ukulele [UKU]

More songs with another chord to add to your repertoire. This is an immensely popular group who find it a most enjoyable way to make music together without needing a great deal of study.

Leader: Looking for a leader
Co-ordinator: Max George (232 4200 or 021 023 59955)
Fridays weekly @ 1.30pm Starts: February 5th
Venue: Tawa Community Centre

Visits [VIS]

February 17th: Zealandia - cable car – free shuttle $55

March 17th: Government House FREE

April 21st: Colonial Cottage (Nairn St.) $8

May19th: Katherine Mansfield's house & Garden $8

Wet Weather Alternatives (All FREE): Te Papa; National Library; Museum of Wgtn City & Sea, Wellington City Gallery Travel by train bus, cable car, shuttle (Goldcard). An opportunity to stop for lunch or a snack at most places is available (not included in the price). All travel is by public transport or free shuttle and your Gold Card will be accepted.

Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
3rd Wednesdays am. Monthly. Starts: Feb 17th

Western Philosophy [WPH]

We are never too old to learn. Aristotle maintains that philosophy is best taken up at fifty years or on, so we are well placed at U3A. In this course we are introduced to philosophy websites, given comprehensive notes on topics such as theories of knowledge, the question of identity (who am I?), the philosophy of religion, ethics, the meaning of life, and we dip into the works of philosophers, all at a laypersons level. The best part for many is our fortnightly discussion, held at the Sprig and Fern.

Co-ordinator: Don Hunter, [email protected] (232 9633)
Tuesdays fortnightly at 2:30 pm. Starts 9th March
Venue: has been changed to: Yeay's House 209 Main Road

Word, Excel and Powerpoint [WEP]

Learn to create your own documents, spreadsheets and's easier than you think!

Leader: Pat Hammond (027 335 0038)
10.30am – 12.00 Dates: Wednesdays 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th May
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Write It - Group 1 [WI 1]

A meeting to share your writing with others. Be inspired to continue your Family History, Memoir, Short Story, Novel or Poem. Suggestions to help with “writers' block”.

First topic could be "Why February is the best month of the year".

Co-ordinator: Kay Luck (04 232 1546)
Tuesdays @ 1.30pm Fortnightly Starts: February 9th
Venue: Tawa Library

Write It - Group 2 [WI 2]

A meeting to share your writing with others. Be inspired to continue your Family History, Memoir, Short Story, Novel or Poem. Suggestions to help with “writers' block”.

First topic could be "Why February is the best month of the Year".

Co-ordinator: Kay Luck (04 232 1546)
Tuesdays @ 1.30pm Fortnightly Starts: February 16th
Venue: Tawa Library
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