Covit-19 Level- Some courses were temporarily suspended at Level 2 (e.g Tawa Library). Now back to normal

Updated:  19/2/2021

Welcome to Tawa U3A

Tawa U3A is a group of people who are free during the day to gather for activities of interest.

We organise courses to teach subjects of interest like Art , Ancestry or Ukulele.

There are Discussion groups where you can express your point of view, and games both indoor and outdoor.

Talks are arranged on topics of interest like Health, History or Travel. We cooperate with other U3A groups and share sessions.

All up, we offer more than 50 learning and social opportunities at minimal cost.

You are certain to find some things that are of interest to you.  


You can email us - [email protected]

How to join U3A

Joining U3A Tawa can be done with a minimum of fuss. An easy way is to ring or email one of our Committee members whose names and contacts appear in the 'Contact Us' page of this site.  You can also use our 'ENROL' page or contact info email at the bottom of this page. The bank account numbers for paying the annual sub are also in the 'Contact Us' page or you can pay to a Committee member. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Welcome to U3A Tawa.

Venue Changes

Arthritis Group  will meet Wednesday February 24th ,1:30 pm at Tawa Community Centre.

Current Affairs will meet in the Annexe at St Christopher’s Church  (not at Linden), 3rd March.

Drop-in-Philosophy   and  Western Philosophy, NOTE that these courses are now starting in March  (Don Hunter regrets that has had to cancel the February meetings due to a family illness).
Now to be held at Yeay's House, 209 Main Road, Tawa

Health Issues   The 15th April session will be at the Emmaus Centre (not TUC which has been used for previous sessions).

Music Performance Group

A very small offering from the Music Performance Group was given on Thursday Feb 4th.  As well as piano solos, there was a item from Helen on her new Piano Accordian (Por Una Cabeza) and Diana played her Treble Recorder accompanied by Jennifer with a Suite for Treble Recorder written by Emperor Leopold of Austria. Jancis played the 1st movement from Ravel's "Sonatine"; Valerie played a Chopin Mazurka; Jennifer gave impressive performances of 2 Brahms Intermezzos and David played "Pessebres by Spanish composer, Mompou. The next meeting will be on the first Thursday of March. 

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Latest Newsletter (February 2021)

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Coming up in the next seven days...

Thursday, 25 February 2021
10:00am - 12:00pm - Art Group [ART] - Tawa Community Centre
10:00am - Computer Chatter [CMP] - Tawa Community Centre
10:00am - Ramblers [RBS] - Davies Street/Luckie Street car-park
9:30am - Table Tennis [TTN] - Tawa Community Centre Hall
Friday, 26 February 2021
10:00am - 12:00pm - Outdoor Games [OUG] - Aotea Lagoon
1:30pm - Ukulele [UKU] - Tawa Community Centre
9:30am - Scrap-Booking [SCB] - Tawa Commuity Centre
Monday, 1 March 2021
10:30am - 1:30pm - Music and Lunch [M&L] - Member's homes
1:15pm - 2:30pm - Choir [CHR] (U3A Singers) - Stephen's Lounge, Tawa Union Church
Tuesday, 2 March 2021
2:00pm - Knitting Circle [KNT] - Member's home
1:30pm - 2:30pm - Write It - Group 2 [WI 2] - Tawa Library
Wednesday, 3 March 2021
10:00am - Current Affairs [CAF] - Annexe at St Christopher’s Church
1:00pm - 3:00pm - Indoor Bowls [INB] - Tawa Community Centre (TBC)
1:30pm - Indoor Games [ING] - Tawa Union Church
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To contact us, please fill in the form below. . . . . Advise us of when you paid your subs (if you have paid recently)

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