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New Courses

Board Games (BGM) 4 SESSIONS Course cancelled


Co-ordinator: Alison Bayly [email protected] (027 437 9215)
4th Wednesday of the month, 1.30 - 3.00pm, starts February 28th
Venue: Tawa Union Church Lounge

Cryptic Crosswords (CRS) 4 SESSIONS

Have more fun and exercise your brain with cryptic clues! Easy to learn how to work them out as they follow patterns. Bring a pen! Experienced puzzlers welcome!

Co-ordinator: John Bolland, [email protected] & Barbara Woods, [email protected] (John - 232 6126 / 021 264 0941 & Barbara - 971 5464)
2nd Wednesday of the month, 11.15am - 12.15pm, starts February 14th
Venue: Tawa Union Church

English Civil Wars 1640-1660 (ECW) SEMESTER 2

The 18th century is known for the US war of Independence and the French Revolution. Less well appreciated is the fact that England beheaded its King and set up a Republic a century BEFORE that. It is a fascinating story that ended with the Stuart monarchy being restored after just a few years. The events of that turbulent period contain many of the elements that eventually led to monumental changes for Britain and the World. There will be four sessions and liberal use will be made of the Simon Schama [BBC] film A History of Britain.

Leader: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 / 021 991 )
Day & Time: TBA
Venue: TBA

Flax Weaving (FLW) 4 SESSIONS Ended

A beginners class teaching the basic techniques of Raranga (flax weaving) including making puti-puti (flowers), kono and konae (containers). We will also cover the sustainable harvesting of harakeke, tikanga and some of the history of weaving in New Zealand.

Leader: Clare Smith, [email protected]
Co-ordinator: Judith Havill, [email protected] (027 319 8235)
Weekly on four consecutive Tuesday mornings, 10.00am - noon, starts February 6th (TBC)
Venue: Member's home

Literature (LIT) SEMESTER 2

Janet Frame : Glimpses of an Angel

Mary-Lynn will give selected readings from the life and works of Janet Frame to honour the centennial of her birth in August 1924.

Leader: Mary-Lynn Boyes (232 2815 / 022 465 6433)
Co-ordinator: Valerie Saxton, [email protected] (232 7303 or 021 166 3373 )
Two consecutive Wednesdays @ 1.30pm. August 28th & September 4th
Venue: Tawa Library

Presidency of Harry Truman (PHT) 4 SESSIONS

Truman was an obscure politician from Missouri. Nobody thought for a moment he would ever be president of the USA. The great FDR chose him as Vice President in 1944 but had hardly ever met him. FDR had no plans for dying but he did just that three months after being inaugurated for the fourth time. That left Truman faced with the task of pulling together the post-war world with no high-level experience whatsoever. He had not even been told about the atomic bomb - but he was the man who later ordered that it be used on Japan. Later there was the Cold War, The Marshall Plan, the creation of Israel, the Korean War, military desegregation, the dismissal of Gen. MacArthur and the McCarthy hearings. Across four sessions we will examine the startlingly pressured Truman years and include the commendably factual biopic film Truman that stars Gary Sinise.

Leader: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 / 021 991 404)
Co-ordinator: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 / 021 991 404)
Postponed - new dates in Semester 2 TBA
Venue: 1st session at member's home, others in Tawa Union Church Lounge

Resilience (RES) SEMESTER 1

Four one and a half-hour sessions. Find out how to increase your “bounce-back” - your resilience. There are many evidence-based, easy ways of building your capacity to recover or adjust to challenges and difficulties, drawn from learnings in psychology and neuroscience, and we shall cover and practise some of these. Maximum of ten people.

Leader: Barbara Woods, [email protected] (971 5464)
3rd Wednesday of the month @ 10:30 am, starts February 21st
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Science, Technology & Us (SCI) RUNS ALL YEAR

This course will help you understand more about the science and technology affecting our lives. Each monthly session will address the science or technology behind a specific topic, through a presentation with plenty of time for questions and discussion. The first session will be on Science – What it is, how it works, and recognising fake science. Topics for following sessions will be selected by participants. Possible examples include: Artificial Intelligence including ChatGPT; genetic modification; quantum computers; water quality; electric vehicles; weather forecasting; pandemics;…

Co-ordinator: David Wratt, [email protected] & Peter Woods, [email protected] (David - 232 9950 & Peter - 029 462 2408)
4th Wednesday of the month at 10.00am, starting March 27th
Venue: Tawa Union Church Hall

Spiritual Discussions (SPD) RUNS ALL YEAR

Open to discussions on Christian views on many issues and your questions. Variety of Biblical topics. Encouragement and exploration. The importance of a spiritual perspective.

Leader: Digby Gudsell, [email protected] (232 6110)
3rd Tuesday of the [email protected], starts February 20th
Venue: Member's home

Wine Appreciation (WIN) 6 SESSIONS

Enjoy wine? Interested in trying some that you might not otherwise experience? Come along to these sessions, taste some wines and share your views on them. Some food will be provided. A charge of approximately $10 per session will apply, to cover the cost of the wine and food. Time to be decided but probably early evening.

Leader: Reg Hammond, [email protected] (021 569 980)
Co-ordinator: Pat Hammond, [email protected] (027 335 0038)
Thursdays, fortnightly, (dates TBA)
Venue: Member's home

Shared Seminar Series

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