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New Courses

Arthritis Discussion Group [ATH]

Two sessions. A group meeting to exchange experience in: managing pain, treatments, operations, activities, support.

Leader: Marina Fabris, [email protected] (232 7007)
Co-ordinator: Don Hunter, [email protected] (232 9633)
Wednesday February 24th , 1:30 pm
Venue: Tawa Community Centre

Bead Necklaces [BNK]

It is easy and fun to make a bead necklace to complement a favourite top. I have a wide selection of beads and fastenings for you to work with. The initial cost is a bead necklace tray from Spotlight. The charity shops are a great source of beads from necklaces which can be pulled apart.

Leader: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)
Wednesdays in April weekly 1.30 pm, Starts: 7th April
Venue: Member's home


A “hands-on” session run by the Wellington Free Ambulance. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillator training.

Leader: Jan Jones, [email protected] (021 259 9797)
Tuesday 23rd March at 10am
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Growing Food [GFD]

These sessions will be at the Tawa Community Garden where you can get ideas and advice for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. The garden is in Oxford Street which is easy to access. Various composting methods will be discussed.

Leader: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)
Co-ordinator: Yet to be decided
Wednesdays, fortnightly 10.00 to 11.30 am Starts: 10th February
Venue: Tawa Community Garden, Oxford Street

Indoor Bowls [INB]

We have the use of sets of bowls and a mat to set up at the Community Centre. We will start small and see how popular this activity becomes.

Leader: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)
Co-ordinator: Yet to be decided
February and March, Wednesdays @ 1.00pm. Starts: February 10th
Venue: Tawa Community Centre (TBC)

Knitting Circle [KNT]

Gather together with your current project to share ideas, problems and patterns over a cuppa.

Leader: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915/027 635 4733)
1st Tuesday @ 2pm Starts: March 2nd
Venue: Member's home

Lunch Group [LCH]

A group who meet once a month, not necessarily on the same day, to sample foods in cheap and cheerful local cafes.

Leader: Diane Scott (232 6958)
Dates are determined month by month as suits the group
Venue: Local Cafes

Parks & Reserves in Tawa [P&R]

1: Native Bush Reserves of Tawa – location, some history, flora and fauna, pest control, source of the reserves’ names

2: Guided walk in one of these reserves

3: Parks of Tawa – location, history, iconic features, history of groups using the parks today, source of parks’ names

4: Guided walk in one of the parks/exotic plant reserves to view iconic the features present

Leader: Gil Roper (897 0155)
Co-ordinator: Helen Roper, [email protected] (897 0155)
10am Thursdays 4th , 11th, 18th & 25th March
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Reading Shakespeare [RDS]

In recess.

Sewing for Yourself & Your Home [SEW]

Bring along your current projects for guidance. Or just bring your machine and sew in companionship.

Minimum of 3 participants.

Leader: Pat Hammond
2nd & 4th Wednesdays, Fortnightly at 1.30pm. Starts: February 10th
Venue: Tawa Union Church Lounge

Tawa History [TWH]

More about the Old Porirua Road. This was introduced last year and now will be expanded upon.

Leader: Bruce Murray
Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 / 027 635 4733)
Monday 8th & 15th March
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Word, Excel and Powerpoint [WEP]

Learn to create your own documents, spreadsheets and presentations...it's easier than you think!

Leader: Pat Hammond (027 335 0038)
10.30am – 12.00 Dates: Wednesdays 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th May
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Shared Seminar Series

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