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How up-to date are your driving skills? When did you last look at the road code? Come along to this one hour presentation - you’ll be surprised how much has changed since you took your driving test!

Leader: Wendy Betteridge
Co-ordinator: Pat Hammond, [email protected] (027 335 0038)
Monday April 17th at 10.00am
Venue: Tawa Union Church Lounge

Emergency Management Workshop (EMM) ONE SESSION - NOW COMPLETED

The course will cover hazards in the Wellington Region including fire and flood, the impacts of those hazards, how households can prepare for an emergency, and how people can get involved in the wider community's response. Lasts about one and a half hours.

Co-ordinator: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)
Wednesday March 22nd at 10.00am
Venue: Emmaus Centre


The world's economic systems have taken a hammering over the last two years. Investment for the future is bedevilled with uncertainties. A representative from Jardens in Wellington will speak on the subject of how best to approach investing in the new and often confused investment climate.

Co-ordinator: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 / 021 991 404)
Wednesday 8th February at 10.00am
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Law and our Legal System (LAW) 2ND SEMESTER ONLY

The media gives a very selective and distorted view of our legal system. Here we look at how it evolved, what it seeks to protect and the breadth of its reach. It is a broadbrush approach that takes us from everyday criminal/civil law through to tax, family, Waitangi cases and international laws. 4 sessions.

Leader: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 / 021 991 404)
Dates: Thursdays Sept. 7th & 21st and October 5th & 19th at 10.00am
Venue: TBA

Philosophical Issues (PHI) RUNS ALL YEAR

Each monthly session will address a modern day issue as chosen by the group itself. Using the philosophies of mainly post- Enlightenment thinkers the issues will be clarified and addressed by the whole group. Participants will receive a 10 page booklet that clearly states each issue and refers to helpful websites or other sources. Discussion of upcoming issues, one on one, over a coffee is welcomed.

1st Monday of the month at 10.00am

Leader: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 / 021 991 404)
1st Monday of the month at 10am, starting February 6th
Venue: Tawa Union Church Lounge


We will read a selection of plays - mainly one-act - with each person reading a part. We may need to share parts at times, depending on numbers. Please contact Barbara if you are interested in taking part.

Leader: Barbara Woods, [email protected] (04 971 5464)
Last Tuesday of the month at 11.00am, starting 28th February
Venue: Tawa Community Centre


Come along and pit your wits against other quiz addicts. Sessions will be held on a Tuesday afternoon in March, June, August and October.

Co-ordinator: Pat Hammond, [email protected] (027 335 0038)
Tuesday March 28th & June 20th at 1.30pm
Venue: Tawa Union Church Hall

Reduce Rubbish, Reuse, Recycle (RRR) TWO SESSIONS

2 sessions on ways to reduce consumption by reusing and recycling possessions we no longer want or need. And how to encourage our children and grandchildren to do the same.

Leader: John Baldwin, [email protected] (237 6501 / 027 349 7777)
Wednesday April 19th at 2.00pm
Venue: Tawa Community Centre


This is a very short course dedicated to the idea that basic amateurs can improve their pictures greatly just by following a few simple rules on how to compose their shots. You don’t have to have a flashy camera. It’s all about making sure your pictures both (a) tell recognizable stories and (b) are easy on the eye. You can use a very ordinary camera, including an android phone, and still get some superb shots.

The shape of the four-session course will be:

a. Explain the essential rules of composition.

b. Looking at good professional pics that illustrate what makes a photo special.

c. Field session (around Tawa) taking some pictures with the rules in mind.

d. Critiquing the output from the field session.

Leader: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 / 021 991 404)
Wednesdays February 22nd, March 1st & 15th, 2.00 - 3.00pm
Venue: Tawa Community Centre Boardroom (TBC)

Tawa- Linden Walkers [TLW] RUNS ALL YEAR

We are a friendly walking group who enjoy urban and bush walking. You will receive our programme of weekly walks in the Wellington region when you join the group. We meet on a Tuesday at Tawa Junction, Wellington Beds end of the car park, 9.00am for a 9.15am departure. We carpool, and a koha to the driver is indicated in the programme. You need to bring a drink (preferably water) and something to eat for morning tea and lunch on the lunch days which are indicated in the programme. Wear suitable clothing e.g. walking shoes or hiking boots, walking poles if required and a jacket for all walks.

Co-ordinator: Allan Johnson, [email protected] (021 138 1233)
Every Tuesday at 9:00 am, starting February 7th
Venue: Meet at Tawa Junction, Wellington Beds end of car park

Shared Seminar Series

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