Seven Reasons Why: The Bucket-List  by Thomas (Wayne) Devine

Apart from feeling I’ve left it too late to bother to make a bucket-list, there are 7 reasons why I won’t make one. They are based on items I might otherwise put on such a list:

  1. Work after retirement: I don’t want another job.
  2. Wealth: I won’t go out of my way to make more money though I’d prefer to leave as much as I can to my children.
  3. Travel: Would involve too much anxiety about whether I’d make it to the next comfort stop; while overseas travel would require the hassle of explaining to border-security why I’m carrying so many different pills
  4. Adventure: Except through writing thrillers, and in some of my dreams, I’ve never sought adventure.
  5. Re-Marriage: my late wife would be irreplaceable, and, with children of my own, I don’t need step-children.
  6. Health: Improving my health is a lost cause.
  7. Good deeds: With the limitations of this stage of my life, doing more to help others would require stamina I no longer have.

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