Good session on 6 October with a half turnout on the usual one. Participants had been earlier asked to stay clear of dreary old Covid as a topic and in that we largely succeeded.

Glasgow Conference on climate change.

Still some evidence of a touching belief that the industrial countries of the world will follow up effectively upon the Paris Accords although some might say that compliance has been poor. Drinking the last chance saloon? Covid has distracted us from this possibly weightier issue. Sending a Greens delegation (taking up valuable) MIQ spots raise few eyebrows; but it will get them off the streets for a while...

Submarines for Oz

Much hilarity at the thought of Scott Morrison being unable to contact Mr. Macron to tell him of the clear stab in the back decision. Noted that by the time the nuclear subs are delivered they will have become completely detectable.

Brian Tamaki

Not much patience in evidence here. If he gets sentenced at all, we very much would like to see more than a standard wet bus ticket job. Vaccination now of supreme importance, no tiem to waste.


Changing of the name of New Zealand received tepid acceptance that probably we will end up with NZ/Aotearoa and there will be a big fight abtout it needing to be Aotearoa/NZ then just Aotearoa.

3 Waters

Some bemusement at the idea of grabbing local assets without compo. Not happy to see this being made compulsory when it was sold as a voluntary thing.

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