Equipment You Might Use

Audio Equipment

U3A has a Amplifier System built into a portable lecturn.
It can use a plug-in microphone (Philips) - this mic needs to be hand held.
Also it has a UHF microphone which can be used at the same time as the mic above.
The pocket size UHF transmitter has the option of two mics: One is a clip-on mic with a long cable to the pocket transmitter; The second mic is on a headset arrangement that attaches around the rear of the head.
The lecturn is white and can be set on a chair or low table.
It has a clock that the speaker can monitor his/her time.

Powerpoint Presenter

U3A has a presenter which a person can use to remotely operate the powerpoint presentation.
It can advance to the next slide; return to the previous slide; blank the screen; start or stop the ppt program.
It has a red laser pointer also.

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