One ANZAC Day  - by Alison MacIver.     May 22

Consider the Biblical story of Moses.  When he went up on the mountain, he left his brother Aaron in charge.  Because Moses had a speech impediment, like Biden, Aaron was accustomed to speaking the words for him publicly.  The people wanted to eat what they wanted, to return to their old ways, go back to normal, in spite of the dictates of Moses.  Aaron gave in.  Exodus Chapter 32 is worth rereading. 

When I hear the complaining of people about what they cannot do, I am reminded of one Anzac Day morning. I could have gone around the corner to honour those who have looked after our safety, often against their inner dictates.  The temptation was to stay in bed.  Then I thought of all the emergency service staff around the world, who had been up for hours working to help others and would be there on call if someone I loved needed it.  Up I got and ran around to join a rag tag mixture of people.  In April 2020 we stood in the dark at our gates while the service played through a cell phone.  One man stood at a big distance.  We were later to find that he had been an early sufferer of Covid-19. 

Hopefully we will never go back to ‘normal’. We have lessons to learn, all of us.  Being given sanctuary time is a gift.

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