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The following are courses that began in the second half of the year. There are many other courses that run the whole year ("ongoing courses"). The ones below also appear in the "A-Z of Courses" section along with the ongoing courses.

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New Courses


Presenter: Jim Cunningham

Co-ordinator: Karen Harris 04 232 3436

If Christians are to have a robust and meaningful faith in the 21st Century then they must begin by having a radically new way of approaching the Bible. It cannot be “dismissed” as irrelevant nor can it continue to be seen as some ‘mystical, “magical” word of God’.

FIRST the Bible is important as a source book of Christian faith – it shows us how our predecessors tried to understand and live their faith. We must remember that the scriptures of the Hebrew Bible are shared by Christians and Jews and that it contains themes common to Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths.

SECONDLY the Christian Bible is a very human set of documents. We need to be more aware of its development and the wide variety of literature it contains. We need to appreciate that these documents were written by a variety of people over a long period of time and give us an insight into the development of an understanding of faith.

THIRDLY it is one source of information about how Jesus was perceived. It gives a starting point in trying to discover more about this important figure who has made such an impact on history. But there are other sources to help us do that too – both ancient and modern.

FOURTHLY we discover in these documents the development of the concept of a community of faith - and how important that is.

These lectures are intended to help us to:

• Read the Bible intelligently

• Find a Jesus who speaks to the 21st Century

• Discover the importance of “communities of faith and compassion”.

Three Sessions: Tuesdays 13th, 20th, and 27th August @ 10-30am -11-30am

Starts: Tuesday 13th August

Venue: Tawa Union Church

Tea/Coffee will be available from 10am, and also after each talk to enable discussion with Jim and others present

For details contact Coordinator


Leader: Dave Smith

This course is not meant to be a dissection of the entire history of the War. Rather, it will focus on the key controversies and myths of an enigmatic but highly significant conflict. Members of the group will present their short (internet/public library) researches of various aspects in order to promote class discussion. Documentary and feature films will be used in the material to be discussed. The main issues will be: Causes of the War, Military tactics, Weapons, Gallipoli, major misconceptions, The Versailles peace treaty (and its perceived impact on the future European war).

Limit on attendees 10.

Tuesdays Fortnightly @ 2pm. Coffee available from 1.30pm

Starts July 16th

Venue Member's home.

For details contact leader on 021991404.


Leader: Dave Smith 232 5084

The course will examine the broad culture, nature and historical context of European films since World War Two. The European film experience varies greatly from country to country and that of the British and American ones; although there are always some basic similarities.

We will look at French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Dutch and German films in order to identify any broad hallmarks within European cinema that might run through them in terms of: circus culture and traditions, improvisation techniques tight budgets, more intimate storylines, links with reflective philosophy rather than fast “action”, New Wave, effects on later British and Hollywood trends. Directors include: Fellini, Polanski, Bertolucci, Truffaut, Bergman and Bunuel.

Limited to 12 members only. Those who attended the first semester of (British) films are eligible for this second half course as numbers look manageable.

Tuesdays Fortnightly @ 2pm. Coffee available from 1.30pm

Venue: Member's Home

Films are:(next) film

The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie (Spain)Our middle class diners never seem to be able to get dinner.

Cul de sac (Poland)

Belle de Jour (France)

Control (Netherlands)

The Pianist (Poland)


Miss Brill and her fox fur. A short story by Katherine Mansfield from 1920. This will be a responsive reading with some discussion about the story and the time in which it was written.

Presenter Mary-Lynn Boyes

Coordinator Diane Scott

Wednesday 16th October @ 1.30pm

Venue: Tawa Library

For details contact Coordinator


Coordinator: Jancis Potter 232 3915/0276354733

Jancis and Helen will present a recital of mainly piano music. Programme will include Movements from Sonatas; Pieces by Rachmaninov, Chopin and others yet to be decided. Numbers – no more than 16.

Tuesday September 17th @ 10.00am

Venue: Member's Home

Refreshments will be served during the interval

For details contact Coordinator


Speaker: Michael Holland (06) 927 9961 or 021 2010 052

Coordinator Marina Fabris 232 7007

Four presentations focusing on places worth visiting in the UK. Woburn Abbey, the ancestral home of the Duke of Bedford, and Chatsworth, home to sixteen generations of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, the Anglo-Saxon archaeological site of Sutton Hoo, the Tidemill at Woodbridge, and the plague-town of Eyam (1665-1666) and the heroic actions of Rector William Mompesson and Thomas Stanley.

1. Eyam – the Plague Town.

2. Woburn Abbey

3. Chatsworth.

4. Sutton Hoo and The Tidemill (Woodbridge).

Tuesdays in August (6, 13, 20, 27) at 1.30pm

Starts August 6th

Venue: Tawa Union Church Lounge

For details contact Coordinator


Facilitators Mary-Lynn Boyes 232 2815 & Jasmine Thompson 0220991500

Coordinator Diane Scott 232 6958

Do you remember an inn, Miranda? Do you remember Matilda and her lies, or to watch the wall when the gentlemen go by? Come and hear several U3A members reading poems remembered from their school days or from other times. Share some thoughts on poems you remember. If you have a favourite poem you would like to read, let Mary Lynn or Jasmine know a week before the session.

Wednesday November 13th @ 1.30pm

Venue: Tawa Library

For details contact Coordinator


Leader Carolyn Marshall

Coordinator: Jancis Potter 232 3915 or 027 635 4733

Carolyn will guide us through one of the Bard's plays. (To be decided). Members are invited to take turns to read from the text.

Four Thursdays weekly @ 10am

Starts: September 5th,12th,19th,26th

Venue : Tawa Union Church Lounge

For details contact Coordinator


Leader: Sister Francine McGovern 232 5151

All welcome - no previous musical experience needed. Group singing is known to induce relaxation, is energizing and provides fun and enjoyment. Familiar songs from the past from films and shows, spirituals, hymns and any song that members would like to suggest.

Tuesday, Fortnightly @ 1.30pm.

Starts: July 9th

Venue: Baptist Lounge.

For details contact Coordinator

Shared Seminar Series

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