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A-Z of Courses

This is the complete list of courses currently available for you to select.  They are in alphabetical order. 

Courses generally start in February so make your selection from December to mid January. 

In the second half year, new courses are announced in June so make your selection in June.

At other times of the year you should contact the course coordinators (as some groups are limited in their numbers). IF YOU JUST WANT TO SEE WHAT COURSES ARE ON IN THE  REST OF THIS MONTH AND NEXT MONTH THEN CHOOSE "COURSES THIS MONTH." THAT IS THE LAST HEADING IN THIS COURSES FIELD.

An Introduction to Western Philosophy [WP]

We are never too old to learn. Aristotle maintains that philosophy is best taken up at fifty years or on, so we are well placed at U3A. We are given comprehensive notes, introduced to philosophy websites, read a few philosophy texts (not difficult) and have eight sessions at which we discuss such topics as: theories of knowledge, the question of identity (who am I), the philosophy of religion, ethics, the meaning of life; all at a laypersons level.

Co-ordinator: Don Hunter, [email protected] (232 9633)
Fridays fortnightly at 2pm. Starting - in March
Venue: The Roundabout

Ancestry Search [AS]

This course is for anyone searching for information about their family history or needing help recording, for our children and grandchildren, the stories of our and our parents' lives. The group meets once a month, shares its latest discoveries and discusses how best to remove the stumbling blocks that always come with exploring one's ancestry. Group members may share a particular expertise in the form of a presentation and we have had outside speakers come in to assist. AS a group we have visited places like the National Library. We welcome both newcomers and seasoned experts. Come and be inspired. Morning tea is available at low cost.

Co-ordinator: Doug Miller, [email protected] (232 7724 or 020 464 5537)
3rd Fridays at 9.30 am, starts 21st February
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Art Group [AG]

Artists with any skills to share are invited to come to these weekly 2 hour sessions to help build an art community. We also want to encourage everyone who may have doubted their hidden ability to sketch or paint to come along and give this a go. We have a wide range of equipment; just bring paper. You may prefer to work on your own art project, and that would be inspiring to the rest of us.

Leader: Maureen Johnston, [email protected] (232 4555)
Co-ordinator: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)
Every Thursday 10:0am till noon
Venue: Tawa Community Centre

Arthritis Discussion Group [AD]

Two sessions. A group meeting to exchange experience in: managing pain, treatments, operations, activities, support.

Thursday 27th August and 26th November

Leader: Marina Fabris, [email protected] (232 7007)
Co-ordinator: Don Hunter, [email protected] (232 9633)
Thursday 27th August and 26th November 2020, 2pm.
Venue: Tawa Community Centre

Aspects of Literature [AL]

Mary-Lynn will present another one or two explorations into poetry or some other aspect of her favourite literature. Her presentations are semi-dramatised readings and well worth spending an hour.

Dates will be advised in the June supplement.

Aspects of Tawa's History [TH]

This time Bruce's focus will be on the Takapu Valley. Far from being the “add-on” to the Tawa Village, Takapu Valley has its own fascinating stories, and interesting possible projections in the future. Bruce lived in the Valley with his family for 14 years, in fact one of the early “life-stylers” - today he has sobering reflections on such a “waste of productive land”. The Tawa Historical Society's new book on the Takapu Valley may be available for you to buy.

Leader: Bruce Murray
Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
Monday 16th March 10 am
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Books1 [BK1]

The class is best described as a small and informal group of those who wish to broaden their reading of book style and content from any source.

It used to be the case with readers in the England of the 18th century onwards that one should talk about a book and analyse it with others for at least twice as long as it took to read. An important part of that process is listening carefully to what others say in discussion. The books in play can be from the local library or ones owned by class members happy to share them. The group is currently four. Some minor expansion could prove timely but not so as to impinge on the ability of the participants to express and exchange views and ideas.

Members talk about the books they've been reading. No set book. Books are frequently shared. The discussion about a book often triggers wider discussion on topical issues.

Leader: Faith Delaney (232 6730)
2nd Mondays, 10 am, starts 10th February
Venue: Member's home

Books2 [BK2]

This course is now FULL.

Leader: Diane Scott (232 6958)
4th Monday at 10 am Starts 24th February
Venue: Member's home

Botany [BY]

The aim is to enable group members to study and learn about the many types of New Zealand flora, especially trees. The Botany group encompasses people with a wide variety of botanical skills and a wish to identify new specimens while exploring rich native ecosystems including native bush. These extend to swamp areas and coastal zones like estuaries. The Wellington area provides excellent opportunities for botany study both in the field and in imaginative indoor study facilities such as Te Papa. Every effort is made to balance out the more demanding outdoor venues with easier to visit ones.


Leader: Margaret Herbert (232 6828)
Co-ordinator: Helen Roper, [email protected] (897 0155)
Second Mondays, 9:30am departure. Starts 10th February
Venue: Davies Street/Luckie Street car-park

Building with Meccano [BM]

There was a time when Meccano was every boy’s dream and frequent header of the Christmas list when Santa was headed to town. Truth is that Meccano, from its arrival in 1901 under the iconic Frank Hornby, was a superbly engineered product that stimulated many a young fellow to go into civil engineering/architecture. Meccano parts may have altered just a little over the years but the ability to use them to build innovative structures or machines is undimmed. Ownership has moved to France and maufacture to China but they still turn out pieces engineered to those good old imperial measures. Meccano is an extremely popular (though recent) U3A group and it is not restricted just to the guys. Ladies are in there building their dreams too.

Leader: Max George, [email protected] (232 4200)
Co-ordinator: Gillian George, [email protected] (232 4200)
Second and fourth Mondays, 9:30am - 11:30am Starts 10th February
Venue: Member's home

Christianity and Islam [CI]

Four sessions of one hour of video talks by an international speaker from UK, entitled “The Challenge of Islam to Christians”. After the video you may participate in a discussion if you wish.


Talk 1:5th Feb. “Sounding the Alarm”. This is the clearest understanding of Islam that I have found. What are Islam’s goals? Islam and Muslims are not our enemy.

Talk 2:12th Feb. Compare Reality

Talk 3:19th Feb. Compare Relationship

Talk 4:26th Feb. Compare Righteousness

Leader: Digby Gudsell, [email protected] (232 6110)
Four consecutive Wednesdays, Starts 5th February,1.30 pm
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Classic UK Television [CT]

Free to air television is now seen as a fading technology. But in the 1960s. 70s and 80s the UK produced some very fineTV work that people still hark back to. Was it that good? Does it still hold up in our modern day critical eyes. We will look at comedies, dramas and documentaries that were hugely admired 50 years ago.These include Steptoe & Son, Colditz, World in Action, the Likely Lads, Yes Minister, Monty Python, Poldark, Callan, I Claudius and dozens more.

Leader: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 or 021 991 404)
Tuesdays fortnightly. Starts 18th February
Venue: Member's home

Climate Change [CL]

David has a PhD in Atmospheric Physics and has worked in the USA, Australia and New Zealand on climate and meteorology. He is a Companion of the Royal Society, A member of the society's New Zealand Climate Expert Panel, and a member of the Bureau of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

We anticipate David will convene a panel to lead a discussion in 3 or 4 sessions.

Leader: Dr. David Wratt (NIWA's chief climate scientist)
Co-ordinator: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 or 021 991 404 )
Dates, time and venue to be advised in the June supplement

Computing Chatter [CC]

Answering and discussing any computer or Smart Technology questions, trivial or complex. Keeping pace with computer related developments.

Co-ordinator: John Baldwin, [email protected] (027 349 7777 or 237 6501)
4th Thursday, 10am. Starts 21st February
Venue: Tawa Community Centre

Considering Ethical and Social Situations [ES]

Three talks


Helen Bichan – “We could – but should we? Scientific developments that may have unexpected or unwanted outcomes.” Helen is a retired medical practitioner who has a long involvement with medical research ethics and bioethics.

Bruce Hamill – Topic to be confirmed. Bruce is a Community Minister, working primarily in Island Bay and Berhampore with a focus on its most vulnerable and marginal members.

John Howell – “A discussion on the ethics of climate change.” John is a retired Presbyterian minister who has a long involvement in environmental ethics.

Co-ordinator: Karen Harris, [email protected] (232 3436 or 027 230 7060 )
Dates and time to be in the June Supplement
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Current Affairs [CA]

This is one of the bigger U3A Tawa groups. It meets monthly to examine and reflect on political events and social trends in New Zealand and around the world. Media coverage of news is becoming increasingly partisan and misleading. The group takes the opportunity to share their own perceptions of current events. The leader promotes discussion on topics chosen by the group at the start of the session. It usual to examine about eight subjects in the one to one and-a-half hour session. Everyone who wishes to speak on a topic is always accorded that opportunity. Coffee and tea are served both before and after the session.

Leader: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 or 021 991 404)
Co-ordinator: Helen Roper, [email protected] (897 0155)
First Wednesday, 10am Starts 5th February
Venue: Doris Mills Lounge

Current Health Issues [HI]

Topical health issues, followed by your questions.

Leader: Dr. Kathy Stone.
Co-ordinator: Robin Thomson, [email protected] (232 5270 )
Two talks, probably Thursdays 9:30am 20th Feb and 19th Mar.
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Discussion Group [DG]

This is a U3A group of longstanding. The members partake of a simple morning tea then discuss matters of mutual interest. The leader makes up a list of possible topics and these are often added to as the discussion progresses. Some emphasis is placed on highlighting good news stories so that the groups acts both as a debate and as a sharing of national and local items of interest.

Leader: Digby Gudsell, [email protected] (2326110)
Second Wednesday, 10am (no April meeting)
Venue: Member's home

Dressmaking [DM]

Bring along your current projects for guidance. Or just bring your machine and sew in companionship.

Leader: Pat Hammond
Start date in 2nd term, to be advised. Fortnightly on alternate week to Indoor Games
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Drop-In Philosophy [DP]

Drop In is for members who like to meet for a couple of hours and talk and listen about big ideas. The meetings are modelled on the overseas Socrates Cafes. Topics are usually chosen, and discussed at the following fortnightly session. Discussion is at a laypersons level, and the emphasis is on questions not on answers. Drop In is at the Roundabout the second and fourth Sundays of each month and is open to everyone.

Leader: Don Hunter, [email protected] (232 9633)
2:00 pm First and third Sundays. Start - TBA
Venue: The Roundabout

Facing a World on the Brink [WB]

Ian, a journalist, has been writing the Faith and Reason column in the Otago Daily Times for more than 15 years.

Spectacular advances in almost every field of human endeavour are beginning to have unintended consequences for the planet on which all life depends. Currently, climate warnings stir fears for the future, and the young rebel.

[Course was earlier entitled A World on the Brink - and God?]

Against that background, Ian will sketch four views of how humans relate to the natural world and, as a secular Christian, propose a paradigm shift that draws on ancient wisdom and religion to cast a radically new light on our relationship with the earth.

Leader: Ian Harris
Co-ordinator: Karen Harris, [email protected]
Tuesday 31st March at 10 am for tea/coffee - start 10.30am
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Films [FW]


Between them these filmmakers have some wonderfully anarchic comedy movies to their names. They have also turned out some very innovative serious dramas that have garnered a total of eight Oscars with 38 nominations. The variety and power of these creative visual artists is worth celebrating. Films include: Manhattan, Annie Hall, Interiors, Midnight in Paris, Fargo, Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, No Country for Old Men, A Serious Man and Bananas.

Leader: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 or 021 991 404)
Tuesday fortnightly, 2 pm. Starts 11th February
Venue: Member's home

Garden Group [GG]

Naturally Garden Club members have an interest in gardens. Some are active and keen gardeners. Some were active and keen gardeners but are now unable to look after a garden but still retain a love of gardens. The programme planned for the club each year tries to include something for everybody. In the Summer we visit gardens or nurseries. In the colder months we meet in the Emmaus Centre and have a speaker.

Leader: Shirley Williamson, [email protected] (232 6746 )
Co-ordinator: Sally Horan, [email protected] (232 6006 )
First Fridays at 9.30 am. Starting 7th February

Indoor Games [IG]

A variety of board games and card games are played by members.

Leader: David Parsons (236 6200 or 027 427 2094)
2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 1.30 pm Starts 12th February
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Investments [IN]

We once lived in a world where interest on money investments routinely yielded safe(ish) rates of around 7%. We now see some countries with nil interest rates while NZ itself is close to that. Why is this and what investment opportunites still exist for modestly resourced seniors living in NZ?

Leader: Scott Fowler; Glen Wilson (Jardens)
Co-ordinator: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 or 021 991 404)
Wednesday March 25th at 10am
Venue: New Venue to be advised

IPads and Phones [AM]

Getting the most out of your iphones, ipads, MacBooks.

Two sessions

Leader: John Baldwin, [email protected] (237 6501 or 027 349 7777)
Fourth Fridays at 10 am Starting 28th February
Venue: Tawa Community Centre (Old Police Office)

Jesus' Last Week in Jerusalem [LJ]

The last week of the life of Jesus is of extraordinary importance for Christians. With its climax on Good Friday and Easter Day, it is “Holy Week”, the most sacred time of the Christian year. And because of its centrality for the lives of Christians, how this story is told matters greatly. What was this last week of Jesus about?

In a series of three lectures we will explore the events of that last week and see what significance there is for us in them.

Tuesdays at 10.30am (Tea & coffee from 10am)

Leader: Rev Dr Jim Cunningham
Co-ordinator: Karen Harris, [email protected]
Three Tuesdays in April at 10.30 am
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Keep-fit Classes [KF]

Tutor Mark Anderson gives specific advice as required and leads members in exercises to improve cardio, strength and flexibility. Mark ensures the exercises are safe and tailored to your specific needs. Only U3A members are present during the agreed times (Mondays and Fridays 1-2pm, Thursdays 2-3pm) so most attendees know each other well. A warm and supportive atmosphere is maintained at all times.

$7 per half hour

Times available: Mondays 1-1.30pm; Thursdays 2-2.30pm; Fridays 1-1.30pm.

Leader: Mark Anderson (027 458 8674)
Co-ordinator: Brian Wilson, [email protected] (234 7085)
Venue: Revolve Fitness, Tawa Mall

Leathercraft [LC]

Gretta has kit sets already cut to make various items such as

photo frames // watch straps // coasters // bags // key tags.

This final course will finish on 30th April 2020.

Co-ordinator: Gretta Dymond, [email protected] (232 6856)
Thursdays weekly at 1.30pm. Starting 13th February
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Music and Lunch [ML]

A sociable group that gathers round a light lunch of soup sandwiches (plus whatever else people may bring on the day) in the home of a next-on-the-list member. The host of the day chooses the music so that over time all music tastes take a turn. Round the dining table socialising between 10.30 am and 1 pm(ish). Music and chat are the common interests. In practice, numbers have to be limited to around eight.

Leader: Marina Fabris (2327007)
Co-ordinator: George Luck, [email protected] (232 1546)
1st Monday, 10:30am - 1:30pm. Starts 3rd February
Venue: Member's homes


Members perform short items to each other. You don't have to be a virtuoso – just interested in giving yourself a reason to practice something ready to perform for others to enjoy.

There is a wide range of abilities and everyone is very supportive of the other performers. Room for more if you'd like to join us.

Coordinator: Jancis Potter 232 3915 text: 0276354733

Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
First Thursdays at 1.30pm.
Venue: Member's home

My Future Health Care [FH]

We need to plan for our Future Health Care in case we are in a situation where we cannot speak for ourselves. That could be because of an Accident, severe Stroke, Heart failure or Dementia. If we talk things over and make plans now, after discussions with our family and Doctor then write that down, people know what you want. A Future Health Plan is not binding like a will. It's a guide.

Two events planned, one in May, other in September.

Leader: Maxine Paterson
Co-ordinator: John Baldwin, [email protected] (237 6501 or 027 349 7777)
Friday 15th May, 18th September
Venue: Tawa Community Centre (Old Police Office)

New Books in the Library [NB]

U3A Tawa enjoys enormous cooperation from the Tawa Library staff. This course involves U3A receiving long term loans (six weeks) of books that are new to this local branch library. Members then read and discuss the books. If a member of the group is impressed with the reports from the others they will usually be allowed to have that book next, provided there is no formal reserve on it in the general library system. Members of the group are encouraged to write reviews of their books and these reviews are featured on the library’s “New Books” shelves. Everyone is encouraged to widen their reading range by reading outside their personal comfort zones if at all possible. Morning tea and coffee are provided by the library.

Co-ordinator: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 or 021 991 404)
2nd Thursdays, 10 am, starts 13th February
Venue: Tawa Library

Opera [OP]

DVDs of interesting productions of great operas, with background and guided discussion. Two hours or more each session.

Leader: Lindis Taylor, [email protected] (232 6521)
Co-ordinator: Jeanette Taylor 232 6521
Three Thursdays, 30th April, 7th May, 14th May. At 1:30 pm
Venue: Emmaus Centre

Outdoor Games [OG]

Sessions held between 10 – 12noon on Fridays.

At present the two games are petanque and croquet and the venue is the very pleasant Aotea Park by the Aotea lagoon. Leader Jean Leitch can be relied on to whistle up hot coffee and biscuits at halftime. These games are somewhat weather-dependent and some days rain does stop or prevent play but the hardy souls of the U3A outdoor games turn out whenever they can! Equipment is mostly provided.

Leader: Jean Leitch (477 1718)
Co-ordinator: Eileen Preval, [email protected] (232 4272)
Fridays, 10 am to noon
Venue: Aotea Lagoon


Jancis and Helen will present a recital of mainly piano music. Solos, duets and works for 2 pianos. A few Cello solos.

Refreshments will be served during the interval.

Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
Tuesday March 17th at 10.00 - 12noon
Venue: Member's home

Quiz [QZ]

Quiz time will be a ten-round quiz session with diverse questions to the intellectual level of “The Chase” in oral, visual and aural formats. Tables of four. Prizes will be in the form of donated items such as baking or non-alcoholic pourable substances.

3 sessions per semester.

Leader: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 or 021 991 404)
Wednesdays: February 12th; April 15th; June 10th at 2pm
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Ramblers [RB]

Not to be confused with a much more demanding tramping group! Ramblers are aimed at the more typical U3A member who would generally prefer walking on the flat and not going so far from base as to invite fatigue. Wellington serves up countless opportunities for gentle walking around the city, well-trodden urban tracks and coastal areas. Usually a Gold Card will take the group where it wants to go while lunch and a coffee are always had. Great stuff when the good weather arrives with numbers fluctuating between ten and double that.

Co-ordinator: Shirley Williamson, [email protected] (232 6746)
Thursdays weekly, 10 am Start 13th February
Venue: Davies Street/Luckie Street car-park

Reading Shakespeare [RS]

Carolyn will present another series reading one or more of the Bard's works.

Dates will be advised in the June supplement.

Scrap-Booking [SB]

Join our friendly group to learn techniques to display your photos in an interesting and lasting way. Numbers limited.

Leader: Margaret Williams, [email protected] (232 3312)
Co-ordinator: Anne Raven, [email protected] (232 5660)
Fridays, weekly. 9:30am Starts 7th February
Venue: Tawa Commuity Centre

Table Tennis [TT]

Join the group of enthusiastic players on a Thursday morning for your exercise for the day.

Leader: Virginia Ng [email protected] (232 9971)
Thursdays weekly at 9.30 am
Venue: Tawa Community Centre Hall

Te Reo [TR]

Information to be advised in June Supplement

Co-ordinator: Dave Smith, [email protected]

TED Talks [TD]


Many of you will have come across these before – there are thousands on-line. They are talks by a wide variety of people given in front of an audience, generally about 15 - 20 minutes long. In this group we will meet at a member’s house, where we watch and discuss 2 or 3 talks per session. Each member of the group can take a turn to choose the talks so we get exposed to a wide variety of topics.

Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
First Tuesdays at 10 am. Starting 3rd march

The Drones Club [TD]

Mana U3A are invited to join us.

The session will be in two parts:

a. We will look at videos previously taken over Kapiti using drones. Three types of drone will be actually examined and their costs and capabilities analysed. The legal rules about how drones must be flown will also feature.

b. We will go out to Redwood Park and fly the drones all of which have quite different features and purposes.

Leader: William Bryson
Co-ordinator: Dave Smith, [email protected] (232 5084 or 021 991 404 )
Sunday 16th February
Venue: Member's home and Redwood Park

Theatre Visits [TV]

We have seen some brilliant productions over the last few years so I invite anyone to join this group.

Each month I will list on the website, 2 or 3 plays for the following month. You will also be notified by email. Payment is made into U3A theatre account which is transferred to the appropriate place. Plays and musicals will be chosen from Circa, Mana Little Theatre, Gryphon, Khandallah Arts, Kapiti Playhouse and Hutt Repertory.


Wonderful By Dean Parker

Sunday 23rd February, 4.30pm, $42

A whirlwind of theatrical delight

Napier 1959. Brother Vianney has a calling. To educate the boys in his classroom and to help them become good, caring Catholic citizens. A larger-than-life presence, he calls upon his show business background and treats his class to the quirky insights that he has discovered from the popular films and romantic musicals of the 1950s.

Ladies in Black

directed by Sandy Brewer

Gryphon Theatre, Sunday Apr 5th 2020 tbc

A coming of age musical set in the 1950s. The lead character is a teenager Lisa who joins the staff of a fashionable department store while she waits for her exam results. Over a summer that changes her life, she befriends the colourful characters of the women's clothing department. Each is on the precipice of change - facing independence, working for a living and what it means to be a woman.

Porirua Little theatre with Porirua City Brass is doing "Brassed Off" in April 15-25. No other details at this time. I remember enjoying the film.

Leader: Alison Bayly (027 437 9215)
Co-ordinator: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)


Illustrated talks on travel adventures. Monthly

February: Carole Naylor (Los Angeles, Memphis, Tennessee)

March: Margaret & Richard Herbert (Sydney to Waggawagga)

April: Regret no April meeting on Good Friday

May: John & Angela Baldwin

June: Jancis Potter (France: Cruising the Rivers Seine & Rhone)

Additional sessions to be announced.

Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 0276354733)
Second Fridays 10am. Starts 14th February

U3A Singers [SS]

Over 50 voices sing a wide variety of music. Some popular songs arranged for mixed choir; some serious choral works like Opera Choruses. Folk Songs, Songs from Musicals and Films. Some are challenging others really simple. There's always going to be a good selection that you will enjoy.

Leader: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
Co-ordinator: Eileen Preval, [email protected] (232 4200 or 021 231 4240)
Mondays, 1:15pm Starts 3rd February
Venue: Stephen's Lounge, Tawa Union Church

Ukulele [UK]

More songs with another chord to add to your repertoire. This is an immensely popular group who find it a most enjoyable way to make music together without needing a great deal of study.

Leader: Margaret Stenhouse (235 8831)
Co-ordinator: Max George (232 4200 or 021 231 4240)
Fridays weekly, 1:30pm. Starts 7th February
Venue: Tawa Library

Using Powerpoint [US]

For Presentations.

Pat will take us step by step through the process of converting photos into Powerpoint; adding text and give tips on how to present your story.

Information to be advised in the June Supplement

Leader: Pat Hammond
Co-ordinator: John Baldwin, [email protected] (237 6501 or 027 349 7777)
Information to be advised in the June Supplement

Visits [VS]

1.February: Cable Car – Space Place – Botanical Gardens FREE

2.March: Zealandia -cable car – free shuttle $55

3.April: National Library FREE

4.May: Government House FREE

5.June: Weta Workshop $48

6.July: Katherine Mansfield's house & Garden $8

7.August: Te Papa FREE

8.Sept: Colonial Cottage (Nairn St.) Museum & Garden($8)

9.Oct: Museum of Wellington City & Sea FREE

10.Nov: Wellington City Gallery FREE

A monthly series. Travel by train bus, cable car, shuttle (Goldcard)

Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter, [email protected] (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
Third Wednesdays am. Starting 19th February

Write It - Group 1 [WI 1]

A meeting to share your writing with others. Be inspired to continue your Family History, Memoir, Short Story, Novel or Poem. Suggestions to help with “writers' block”

Co-ordinator: Jasmine Thompson (238 2191)
Tuesdays fortnightly 1.30 pm. Starts 12th February
Venue: Tawa Library

Write It - Group 2 [WI 2]

A meeting to share your writing with others. Be inspired to continue your Family History, Memoir, Short Story, Novel or Poem. Suggestions to help with “writers' block”

Co-ordinator: Jasmine Thompson (238 2191)
Tuesdays fortnightly 1.30 pm. Starting 18th February
Venue: Tawa Library
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