A-Z of Courses
U3A members find they becomes twice the person they were before!

U3A members find they becomes twice the person they were before!

This is the complete list of courses currently available for you to select.
They are in alphabetical order but you could select the Courses by Category where you can also select courses to attend.

Courses generally start in February so make your selection from December to mid January. 

In the second half year, new courses are announced in June so make your selection in June.

At other times of the year you should contact the course coordinators (as some groups are limited in their numbers). IF YOU JUST WANT TO SEE WHAT COURSES ARE ON IN THE  REST OF THIS MONTH AND NEXT MONTH THEN CHOOSE "COURSES THIS MONTH." THAT IS THE LAST HEADING IN THIS COURSES FIELD.


Presenter: Jim Cunningham

Co-ordinator: Karen Harris 04 232 3436

If Christians are to have a robust and meaningful faith in the 21st Century then they must begin by having a radically new way of approaching the Bible. It cannot be “dismissed” as irrelevant nor can it continue to be seen as some ‘mystical, “magical” word of God’.

FIRST the Bible is important as a source book of Christian faith – it shows us how our predecessors tried to understand and live their faith. We must remember that the scriptures of the Hebrew Bible are shared by Christians and Jews and that it contains themes common to Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths.

SECONDLY the Christian Bible is a very human set of documents. We need to be more aware of its development and the wide variety of literature it contains. We need to appreciate that these documents were written by a variety of people over a long period of time and give us an insight into the development of an understanding of faith.

THIRDLY it is one source of information about how Jesus was perceived. It gives a starting point in trying to discover more about this important figure who has made such an impact on history. But there are other sources to help us do that too – both ancient and modern.

FOURTHLY we discover in these documents the development of the concept of a community of faith - and how important that is.

These lectures are intended to help us to:

• Read the Bible intelligently

• Find a Jesus who speaks to the 21st Century

• Discover the importance of “communities of faith and compassion”.

Three Sessions: Tuesdays 13th, 20th, and 27th August @ 10-30am -11-30am

Starts: Tuesday 13th August

Venue: Tawa Union Church

Tea/Coffee will be available from 10am, and also after each talk to enable discussion with Jim and others present

For details contact Coordinator

Ancestry Search [AS]

This course is for anyone searching for information about their family history or needing help recording, for our children and grandchildren, the stories of our and our parents' lives. The group meets once a month, shares its latest discoveries and discusses how best to remove the stumbling blocks that always come with exploring one's ancestry. Group members may share a particular expertise in the form of a presentation and we have had outside speakers come in to assist. AS a group we have visited places like the National Library. We welcome both newcomers and seasoned experts. Come and be inspired. Morning tea is available at low cost.

Leader: Michael Holland (06 927 9961 or 021 201 0052)
Co-ordinator: Max George (232 4200)
3rd Fridays at 9.30 am, starts 15th February
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Art Group [AG]

Be creative!

Sketching, painting with water paint, oil paint and acrylic paints.

Teaching in a whole variety of skills.

Still life, portrait, landscapes and even abstract.

This group is very well established in U3A Tawa. It makes good use of the excellent facilities provided by the Tawa Community Centre to produce good quality visual art using a wide range of art media. Many of the class participants are people who showed artistic promise many years ago but went off to do other things in life. Under the skilled tutelage of Maureen Johnston they are reconnecting with their artistic selves and often surprising themselves with the high quality of what they are creating.

The group began on 31st January with pencil sketching.Three new members have been added since last time. Early emphasis is on sketching the human form (both male and female) in its proper proportions. Most people seem to have a skewed view of those proportions and it takes conscious practice to get it right.

The group has had a successful half year developing their skills in sketching the human figure. There will be more short sessions later in the year, looking at hands, ears and feet.

In the second half of the year, we will concentrate mainly on watercolour paints and acrylic paints. Anyone can come to test their interest. Some supplies are available to start you off.

The group will not have a session on 27th June, then start the second term on 4th July.

Leader: Maureen Johnston (232 4555)
Co-ordinator: Alison Bayly [email protected] (027 437 9215)
Every Thursday 10:0am till noon
Venue: Tawa Community Centre


Leader: Dave Smith

This course is not meant to be a dissection of the entire history of the War. Rather, it will focus on the key controversies and myths of an enigmatic but highly significant conflict. Members of the group will present their short (internet/public library) researches of various aspects in order to promote class discussion. Documentary and feature films will be used in the material to be discussed. The main issues will be: Causes of the War, Military tactics, Weapons, Gallipoli, major misconceptions, The Versailles peace treaty (and its perceived impact on the future European war).

Limit on attendees 10.

Tuesdays Fortnightly @ 2pm. Coffee available from 1.30pm

Starts July 16th

Venue Member's home.

For details contact leader on 021991404.

Books1 [BK1]

The class is best described as a small and informal group of those who wish to broaden their reading of book style and content from any source.

It used to be the case with readers in the England of the 18th century onwards that one should talk about a book and analyse it with others for at least twice as long as it took to read. An important part of that process is listening carefully to what others say in discussion. The books in play can be from the local library or ones owned by class members happy to share them. The group is currently four. Some minor expansion could prove timely but not so as to impinge on the ability of the participants to express and exchange views and ideas.

Leader: Faith Delaney (232 6730)
2nd Mondays, 10 am, starts 11th February
Venue: Member's home

Books2 [BK2]

This course is now FULL.

Leader: Diane Scott (232 6958)
4th Monday at 10 am
Venue: Member's home

Botany [BY]

The aim is to enable group members to study and learn about the many types of New Zealand flora, especially trees. The Botany group encompasses people with a wide variety of botanical skills and a wish to identify new specimens while exploring rich native ecosystems including native bush. These extend to swamp areas and coastal zones like estuaries. The Wellington area provides excellent opportunities for botany study both in the field and in imaginative indoor study facilities such as Te Papa.

The current U3A age group now has a fair few members who are now not as agile is in the earlier years of the group. Every effort is made to balance out the more demanding outdoor venues with easier to visit ones where, for example, new plantings or garden-type areas are readily accessible to study. All such areas are gladly followed up on.

Upcoming program

Meeting place Larsen Street Carpark and departure time 9.30am on the second Monday of the month.

Programme for Term Two. Transport cost is indicated.

Monday August 13th Wellington Botanic Garden $5.00

Monday September 10th Titahi Bay loop track, or return same way $2.00

Monday October 8th New track Elsdon, from Spicer carpark $1.00

Monday November 12th Khandallah Park and coffee $3.50

Leader: Margaret Herbert (232 6828)
Co-ordinator: Helen Roper (897 0155)
Second Mondays, 9:30am departure. Bring lunch
Venue: Larsen Street Carpark

Building with Meccano [BM]

There was a time when Meccano was every boy’s dream and frequent header of the Christmas list when Santa was headed to town. Truth is that Meccano, from its arrival in 1901 under the iconic Frank Hornby, was a superbly engineered product that stimulated many a young fellow to go into civil engineering/architecture. Meccano parts may have altered just a little over the years but the ability to use them to build innovative structures or machines is undimmed. Ownership has moved to France and maufacture to China but they still turn out pieces engineered to those good old imperial measures. Meccano is an extremely popular (though recent) U3A group and it is not restricted just to the guys. Ladies are in there building their dreams too.

Leader: Max George (232 4200)
Co-ordinator: Gillian George (232 4200)
Second and fourth Mondays, 9:30am - 11:30am
Venue: Member's home

Computing Chatter [CC]

Answering and discussing any computer or Smart Technology questions, trivial or complex. Keeping pace with computer related developments.

Co-ordinator: John Baldwin (027 349 7777 )
4th Thursday, 10am
Venue: Tawa Community Centre

Crafts [CR]

Leader: Marjorie Todd (232 7386)
Co-ordinator: Faith Delaney (232 6730)
3rd Wednesdays at 1.30 pm
Venue: Member's home

Current Affairs [CA]

This is one of the bigger U3A Tawa groups. It meets monthly to examine and reflect on political events and social trends in New Zealand and around the world. Media coverage of news is becoming increasingly partisan and misleading. The group takes the opportunity to share their own perceptions of current events. The leader promotes discussion on topics chosen by the group at the start of the session. It usual to examine about eight subjects in the one to one and-a-half hour session. Everyone who wishes to speak on a topic is always accorded that opportunity. Coffee and tea are served both before and after the session.

Leader: Dave Smith (232 5084)
Co-ordinator: Helen Roper (897 0155)
First Wednesday, 10am but starts 13th February
Venue: Doris Mills Lounge


Presenter: Dr. Kathy Stone.

Coordinator: Robin Thomson 232 5270

Topical health issues, followed by questions from the floor.

Two talks @ 9.30am

Dates to be announced

Venue: Tawa Union Church

For details contact Coordinator

DEATH & DYING - a Funeral Director answers your questions [DD]

Fiona will answer the questions we are reluctant to ask. Spouse dies at home. What next? What type of funeral or none at all? What does it cost? Burial or cremation? Eco funerals? Caskets? Services? Come prepared with your own questions.

Leader: Fiona King
Co-ordinator: Jancis Potter (232 3915)
Venue: TBA

Discussion Group [DG]

This is a U3A group of longstanding. The members partake of an excellent morning tea then discuss matters of mutual interest in the commodious lounge. The host makes up a list of possible topics and these are often added to as the discussion progresses. Some emphasis is placed on highlighting good news stories so that the groups acts both as a debate and as a sharing of national and local items of interest.

Leader: Joy Chaplin (232 5547)
Co-ordinator: Bill Chaplin (232 5547)
Second Wednesday, 10am
Venue: Member's home

Drop-In Philosophy [DP]

Confused by the flood of information, much of it produced by spin doctors , megalomaniacs, advertisers, politicians, corporations: by fake news and alternate facts! Difficult to make sense of it? Difficult to find the truth on one’s own? At Drop in Philosophy we subject concepts and issues to critical thinking and Socratic questioning. Discussion with others helps counter our confirmation bias and prejudices, helps us think clearly.

Feel free to drop in whether you are 'in the class' or not.

Leader: Don Hunter (232 9633)
2:30 pm Second and fourth Sundays
Venue: The Roundabout


Leader: Dave Smith 232 5084

The course will examine the broad culture, nature and historical context of European films since World War Two. The European film experience varies greatly from country to country and that of the British and American ones; although there are always some basic similarities.

We will look at French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Dutch and German films in order to identify any broad hallmarks within European cinema that might run through them in terms of: circus culture and traditions, improvisation techniques tight budgets, more intimate storylines, links with reflective philosophy rather than fast “action”, New Wave, effects on later British and Hollywood trends. Directors include: Fellini, Polanski, Bertolucci, Truffaut, Bergman and Bunuel.

Limited to 12 members only. Those who attended the first semester of (British) films are eligible for this second half course as numbers look manageable.

Tuesdays Fortnightly @ 2pm. Coffee available from 1.30pm

Venue: Member's Home

Films are:(next) film

The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie (Spain)Our middle class diners never seem to be able to get dinner.

Cul de sac (Poland)

Belle de Jour (France)

Control (Netherlands)

The Pianist (Poland)

Garden Group [GG]

Naturally Garden Club members, of which there are quite a few, have an interest in gardens.

Some are active and keen gardeners. Some were active and keen gardeners but are now unable to look after a garden but still retain a love of gardens. Some have large gardens, some small, some just have a deck and some a window sill.

The programme planned for the club each year tries to include something for everybody. In the Summer we visit gardens or nurseries. If its close by we pool cars, or sometimes use public transport, to visit the Botanic Gardens for example. In the colder months we meet in the Emmaus Centre and have a speaker.

Each April we hold a plant stall when members bring in plants or produce to sell. We also hold a raffle whenever we meet in the hall. Through the money we raise we are able to subsidise an outing at the end of the year. Last year we took the train to the Wairarapa, using our gold card, and had a coach take us to Dursley Garden where we had lunch and wandered at leisure through the garden. These outings are very popular.

Leader: Shirley Williamson (232 6746)
Co-ordinator: Sally Horan (232 6006)
First Fridays, 9:30am
Venue: Emmaus Centre, St Christopher's Church

Indoor Games [IG]

A variety of board games and card games are played by members.

Leader: David Parsons (236 6200 or 027 427 2094)
2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 1pm
Venue: Tawa Union Church

Joint courses with Mana U3A

We are offering a "Shared Seminar Series" – with U3A Mana, a series of monthly lectures to be held on the 1st Tuesday in each month. Programme:

Oct 1 10.00am The Proposed Porirua Recreation Park.

Venue: Tawa Union Church

Contact: Jancis Potter 2323915 email: [email protected]

Nov 5 10.00am "Less Mess" – Downsizing and Decluttering

Venue: Tawa Union Church

Contact: Jancis Potter 2323915 email: [email protected]

Co-ordinator: Contact: Jancis Potter 2323915 email: [email protected]
As above
Venue: Variable but as above


Miss Brill and her fox fur. A short story by Katherine Mansfield from 1920. This will be a responsive reading with some discussion about the story and the time in which it was written.

Presenter Mary-Lynn Boyes

Coordinator Diane Scott

Wednesday 16th October @ 1.30pm

Venue: Tawa Library

For details contact Coordinator

Keep-fit Classes [KF]

$6 per half hour.

Keeping fit should be a concern of all of us, especially in relation to weight and suppleness, as the years progress. This group, for a small (half hour) session fee, takes full advantage of the extensive gym facilities and expert training advice available at central Tawa’s Revolve Fitness.

Tutor Mark Anderson gives specific advice as required and leads members in exercises to improve cardio, strength and flexibility. Group members are also free to use the various forms of apparatus as they wish and to seek Mark’s advice should they need it. Mark ensures the exercises are safe and tailored to your specific needs.

"Everyone comes in to us in a certain state of fitness. We just take it form there and people progress at their own rate. We have people here recovering from the likes of hip operations and the exercises they do are often extremely beneficial to their recovery.

Only U3A members are present during the agreed times (Mondays and Fridays 1-2pm, Thursdays 2-3pm) so most attendees know each other well. A warm and supportive atmosphere is maintained at all times.

Leader: Mark Anderson (027 458 8674)
Co-ordinator: Brian Wilson (234 7085)
Venue: Revolve Fitness, Tawa Mall

Leathercraft [LC]

Leader: Gretta Dymond (232 6856)
Thursdays weekly 1.30pm. Starts 4th April
Venue: Tawa Union Church (Luke's Chapel)

Music and Lunch [ML]

A sociable group that gathers round a light lunch of soup sandwiches (plus whatever else people may bring on the day) in the home of a next-on-the-list member. The host of the day chooses the music so that over time all music tastes take a turn. Round the dining table socialising between 10.30 am and 1 pm(ish). Music and chat are the common interests. In practice, numbers have to be limited to around eight.

Leader: Marina Fabris (232 7007)
1st Monday, 10:30am - 1:30pm.
Venue: Member's homes


Members perform short items to each other. You don't have to be a virtuoso – just interested in giving yourself a reason to practice something ready to perform for others to enjoy.

The first concert of the year was attended by 7 Amateur Musicians. The programme included a piano duet, 5 piano solos, an unaccompanied cello solo, 2 cello solos with accompaniment and several vocal items - 3 unaccompanied and one with piano accompaniment. Composers from Handel and Bach through to Sibelius and Rachmaninov. Most entertaining was the song from "Iolanthe" - the Sentry's Song.

There is a wide range of abilities and everyone is very supportive of the other performers. Room for more if you'd like to join us.

Coordinator: Jancis Potter 232 3915 text: 0276354733

July 4; Aug 22; Oct 10; Dec 5 @ 1.30pm.
Venue: Member's home

New Books in the Library [NB]

U3A Tawa enjoys enormous cooperation from the Tawa Library staff. This course involves U3A receiving long term loans (six weeks) of books that are new to this local branch library. Members then read and discuss the books. If a member of the group is impressed with the reports from the others they will usually be allowed to have that book next, provided there is no formal reserve on it in the general library system. Members of the group are encouraged to write reviews of their books and these reviews are featured on the library’s “New Books” shelves. Everyone is encouraged to widen their reading range by reading outside their personal comfort zones if at all possible. Morning tea and coffee are provided by the library.

Leader: Dave Smith (232 5084 or 021 991 404)
2nd Thursdays, 10 am, starts 14th February
Venue: Tawa Library


Leader: Lindis Taylor 232 6521.

Coordinator: Jeanette Taylor 232 6521.

DVDs of interesting productions of great operas, with background and guided discussion. A mixture of popular and lesser known operas.

Lindis Taylor’s Opera group is quite a revelation. The operas are very effectively shown on a white wall in the Emmaus Centre to an appreciative audience that fluctuates around the mid-twenties in size.

Lindis has been showing these high level musical works for the last twelve years. DVD sources have over that time dried up somewhat. In the early days local libraries supplied many of the disks and it was not unknown for Parsons Books to loan us demonstration copies. Sadly, that wonderful bookshop has been gone for a while and most libraries have downsized their opera collections.

The Centre offers a very good environment for screening films as it possible to achieve a high level of light exclusion despite the impressively large scope of the space.

However it is no easy matter screening operas as they tend, by their very nature, to be on the lengthy side. Lindis does not have the capacity to edit onto separate disks so it becomes necessary to use the start/stop button which presents some difficulties. With some operas running to well over four hours they are often shown in two parts.

One in the First Semester was The Mastersingers of Nuremberg by Richard Wagner. It starred New Zealand bass Donald MacIntyre and Christopher Doig in lead roles. Wagner was an amazing composer in that he was as supremely adept at both writing the book as he was in completing the score; an utter genius, in fact. The version that was screened was both theatrically effective and charmingly intimate. It was worlds away from the stereotypical ‘fat lady with winged helmet’ that is so often projected in popular culture as what Wagner is mainly about.

Tawa does not have a cinema as such (maybe one day we will get a small Lighthouse?) For now, the operas showing at the Emmaus lounge attract a rapt and committed audience. Well worth both a look and a long stay. Jaffas are allowed.

Three Thursdays, WEEKLY @ 1.30pm. Two hours or more each session.

Starts August 1st, 8th, 15th

Venue: Emmaus Centre, St Christopher's Church

For details contact Coordinator


Outdoor Games [OG]

At present the two games are petanque and croquet and the venue is the very pleasant Aotea Park by the Aotea lagoon. The usual turnout is around 10 players and more are welcomed to join in. Leader Jean Leitch can be relied on to whistle up hot coffee and biscuits at halftime. These games are somewhat weather-dependent and some days rain does stop or prevent play but the hardy souls of the U3A outdoor games turn out whenever they can! Equipment is mostly provided.

Leader: Jean Leitch (477 1718)
Co-ordinator: Eileen Preval (232 4272)
Fridays, 10 am to noon


Coordinator: Jancis Potter 232 3915/0276354733

Jancis and Helen will present a recital of mainly piano music. Programme will include Movements from Sonatas; Pieces by Rachmaninov, Chopin and others yet to be decided. Numbers – no more than 16.

Tuesday September 17th @ 10.00am

Venue: Member's Home

Refreshments will be served during the interval

For details contact Coordinator


Speaker: Michael Holland (06) 927 9961 or 021 2010 052

Coordinator Marina Fabris 232 7007

Four presentations focusing on places worth visiting in the UK. Woburn Abbey, the ancestral home of the Duke of Bedford, and Chatsworth, home to sixteen generations of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, the Anglo-Saxon archaeological site of Sutton Hoo, the Tidemill at Woodbridge, and the plague-town of Eyam (1665-1666) and the heroic actions of Rector William Mompesson and Thomas Stanley.

1. Eyam – the Plague Town.

2. Woburn Abbey

3. Chatsworth.

4. Sutton Hoo and The Tidemill (Woodbridge).

Tuesdays in August (6, 13, 20, 27) at 1.30pm

Starts August 6th

Venue: Tawa Union Church Lounge

For details contact Coordinator


Facilitators Mary-Lynn Boyes 232 2815 & Jasmine Thompson 0220991500

Coordinator Diane Scott 232 6958

Do you remember an inn, Miranda? Do you remember Matilda and her lies, or to watch the wall when the gentlemen go by? Come and hear several U3A members reading poems remembered from their school days or from other times. Share some thoughts on poems you remember. If you have a favourite poem you would like to read, let Mary Lynn or Jasmine know a week before the session.

Wednesday November 13th @ 1.30pm

Venue: Tawa Library

For details contact Coordinator

Ramblers [RB]

Not to be confused with a much more demanding tramping group! Ramblers are aimed at the more typical U3A member who would generally prefer walking on the flat and not going so far from base as to invite fatigue. Wellington serves up countless opportunities for gentle walking around the city, well-trodden urban tracks and coastal areas. Usually a Gold Card will take the group where it wants to go while lunch and a coffee are always had. Great stuff when the good weather arrives with numbers fluctuating between ten and double that.

Leader: Shirley Williamson (232 6746)
Thursdays weekly, 10 am
Venue: Davies Street/Luckie Street car-park


Leader Carolyn Marshall

Coordinator: Jancis Potter 232 3915 or 027 635 4733

Carolyn will guide us through one of the Bard's plays. (To be decided). Members are invited to take turns to read from the text.

Four Thursdays weekly @ 10am

Starts: September 5th,12th,19th,26th

Venue : Tawa Union Church Lounge

For details contact Coordinator

Scrap-Booking [SB]

Leader: Margaret Williams (232 3312)
Co-ordinator: Anne Raven (232 5660)
Fridays, weekly. 9:30am
Venue: Tawa Commuity Centre


Leader: Sister Francine McGovern 232 5151

All welcome - no previous musical experience needed. Group singing is known to induce relaxation, is energizing and provides fun and enjoyment. Familiar songs from the past from films and shows, spirituals, hymns and any song that members would like to suggest.

Tuesday, Fortnightly @ 1.30pm.

Starts: July 9th

Venue: Baptist Lounge.

For details contact Coordinator

Table Tennis [TT]

Leader: Virginia Ng (232 9971)
Thursdays weekly at 9.30 am
Venue: Tawa Community Centre Hall

Theatre Visits [TV] continued

Program for Subsequent Months -tentative



It’s election night and a fledgling new party led by the charismatic and idealistic Aria Robson clinches one seat in Parliament. That same night, an intern comes to her with a scandal that could sink the party by morning. Aria must decide what or who she is willing to sacrifice for her ambitions. A timely work by the talented young playwright Sam Brooks (The Spinoff).

Probably Sunday 11 August, 4pm. tbc


By Roger Hall

New Players at Newlands Community Centre, sometime August/September. Details tbc

Four flat whites in Italy focuses on Alison and Adrian – both retired librarians who after scrimping and saving finally have enough money for a holiday with close friends in Italy. However complications arise and new neighbours Judy and Harry help them out and agree to travel with them. We’ve all been there. You end up travelling with some friends, acquaintances or family, but after a few weeks, tempers start to fray, frustrations come out and relationships of all kinds are tested. Roger Hall’s well-known comedy talent makes for a comedic journey through Venice, Rome and Tuscany.



“Join Maggie Taylor as she guides you through basic carpentry skills and chisels away at the stereotype that has kept women out of the tool box for so long.”

September, details tbc


by P. G. Wodehouse, directed by David Cox

AT KHANDALLAH Arts theatre, Cochran Hall, Cashmere Avenue School

Performance: October 13 - 4:00pm, details tbc



Written by William Mastrosimone

Directed by Damian Reid

Probably October 13th, tbc


By Richard Sheridan

At Hutt Repertory Theatre, Oxford Terrace, Epuni, 16 to 26 October. Details tbc


Nov 24, 3pm, tbc

Wellington Repertory Theatre at Gryphon Theatre, Ghuznee Street.

directed by Sandy Brewer with musical direction by Sue Windsor and choreography by Clinton Meneses

From Broadway to the Gryphon! When blind date newbie Aaron is set up with serial-dater Casey, a drink at a New York restaurant turns into a hilarious high-stakes dinner. As the date unfolds, the couple quickly find that they are not alone on this unpredictable evening. Can they turn dating disaster into something special?



Join Alice and our irrepressible Dame in a madcap family adventure down the rabbit hole. Wellington is in peril as the Queen of Hearts threatens to unleash the Jabberwocky. And what about those magical tasty tarts?

November/December details tbc

email: [email protected] or phone 027 437 9215 a month previous to listed date.

Leader: Alison Bayly (027 437 9215)
Co-ordinator: Alison Bayly, [email protected] (027 437 9215)


Coordinator: Jancis Potter 232 3915 or 0276354733

Illustrated talks on travel adventures, Five sessions.

Second Fridays, Monthly @ 10am

Coffee/Tea will be available from 9.30

September 13th Doug Millar -Monet's Garden

A journey to Monet’s garden at Giverny, France. Come and walk through his Flower Garden, the Water Lily Garden, and his house. The talk will cover Monet’s life, an introduction to some of his works, and his significant landscaping project at his property at Giverny where he lived and painted for 43 years. Also some hints on how to get to Giverny and where to stay.

October 11th Maureen Robson – The County of Northumberland – the best kept secret

Do you know:

the county originally stretched from the Humber to Edinburgh?

there are 46 castles in Northumberland?

there are magnificent sandy beaches along the coastline?

that important people such as Lord Collingwood who took over from Lord Nelson at Trafalgar when he died, Lord Grey, a great political reformer and the inventor of Earl Grey tea, Lord Armstrong the engineer who built tanks and aircraft for the war effort, Lancelot “Capability” Brown, the landscape gardener and George Stephenson the great engineer are just a few who came from Northumberland

I will take you on a trip around the county using the 4 Cs– city, coastline, countryside and castles.

November 8th TBA

Venue: Tawa Union Church

For details contact Coordinator

U3A Singers [SS]

The first meeting of the choir started with a shared lunch, an opportunity to catch up with old friends and to mingle with the 5 or 6 new members. Then a marathon singalong through all 16 songs that will be tackled in detail during the first semester. Over 40 members attended the first practice with around 6 putting in apologies. As always there is a vast array of songs for instance the Triumphal March from Verdi's "Aida; 'Early one morning'; The Rhythm of Life' from "Sweet Charity'; 'Edelweiss' and 'Love me Tender'.

Leader: Jancis Potter (232 3915 or 027 635 4733)
Co-ordinator: Gillian George (232 4200 or 021 231 4240)
Mondays, 1:15pm
Venue: Stephen's Lounge, Tawa Union Church

Ukulele [UK]

It is a common experience that people will often say that one of their main regrets in life is that they never learned to play a musical instrument. The Ukulele group functions with expert tuition in the Tawa Library and is getting very satisfying result from participants who report great personal achievement in finally making music of their own. Playing the Ukulele is also a first-rate way of developing and maintaining a good level of mind/body coordination especially as such skills deteriorate with age. Each time the group learns a new chord on their four-stringed instruments they open a whole new range of tunes for them to learn and perform.

Leader: Margaret Stenhouse (235 8831)
Co-ordinator: Max George (232 4200)
Fridays weekly, 1:30pm.
Venue: Tawa Library

Write It - Group 1 [WI 1]

A meeting to share your writing with others. Be inspired to continue your Family History, Memoir, Short Story, Novel or Poem. Suggestions to help with “writers' block”

Leader: Jasmine Thompson (0220991500)
Tuesday weekly with alternate week-about groups, 1.30 pm. Starts 12th February
Venue: Tawa Library

Write It - Group 2 [WI 2]

A meeting to share your writing with others. Be inspired to continue your Family History, Memoir, Short Story, Novel or Poem. Suggestions to help with “writers' block”

Leader: Jasmine Thompson (0220991500)
Now in Groups A and B alternating weekly
Venue: Tawa Library


Presenter: Maxine Paterson

Coordinator: John Baldwin 237 6501

This is the process of being prepared for our end of life and what we might want if we cannot speak for ourselves. (like no Chemo). This covers similar material to last year. As we get older this planning may well become more relevant!

Date: Wednesday September 18th @ 1.30pm

Venue: Tawa Community Centre (Board Room)

For details contact Coordinator

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