In Memory of

In memory of Ivy Pearce

Ivy was one of the very valued officers in U3A (Tawa) Organisation. She was for many years, the Coordinator of the Current Health Issues for Seniors keeping in touch with the very large group that attended these popular talks by Dr Cathy Stone.

She was an active participant in the Discussion Group, Garden Group, Opera, Travel Adventures, all of the many talks given by Michael Holland and Piano Recital.

For the last seven years, Ivy has been a mainstay of the U3A Singers as a most valued soprano. As a member of our choir, she would always be one of the first to welcome new members and to engage people in conversation, engendering that feeling of friendliness and belonging which has made the choir so popular.

Her death was so sad - and so sudden. Ivy will be greatly missed.

(At the time of writing we are aware of the passing of three other longstanding members: Lesley Meade, Bryan Thomson and Dave Belz. They wil be remembered on the site in the coming days.)

David(Dave)Belz 1938 - 2019

Dave was born on Christmas Day 1938 in Papatoetoe of a family with distant roots in Europe and Australia. David was a new age man with countless skills and praiseworthy achievements to his credit.  

Civil Engineer with Railways, mathematician, linguist, and musician Dave had a gift for acting that showed up in the Shakespearian Society and the U3A literature sessions (where he wa a perennial hit doing women's voices during readings of the Bard). He was also a devoted dad, dedicated husband to an ailing wife, respected bowls umpire and a convinced supporter in the Turin Shroud’s authenticity movement.

Through it all, Dave was a keen members of U3A Tawa for many years during the halcyon days when our membership was massive, the admin devilishly tricky and the quest of usable venues relentless.

As our long-serving venues manager Dave looked after all that with the quiet confidence of man who once planned the building of NZ”s grander railway viaducts

For a man stricken with asthma (who was rejected on that ground for military service) Dave’s accomplishments are in class of their own. U3A Tawa owes him much and we here express our profound gratitude for a life well and enthusiastically lived in the service of others.   

U3A loses yet another stalwart member: Lesley Meade R.I.P

In a month tinged with much sadness over departing members U3A Tawa has lost Card-making Group founder and leader Lesley Meade. For almost a decade Lesley’s group worked away at her home in St Edmund’s Crescent creating visual greeting treats from various sizes of swatches of paper, card, pictures and the like.

Lesley’s group was intensely social and was seen out in force at the Roundabout or wherever a coffee and chat could be had. Like one big family they pooled their shopping days to maximize specials. There was always much hilarity in those happy collective times.

Every year Lesley would make up a calendar for each of her team featuring pictures of group members and their recent work including her own. Pictured is the Meade page from the 2013 edition of Lesley Meade’s Calendar Card Girls.   It is still treasured by her family and acts as a fitting remembrance of a wonderful lady who was much loved and admired by her fellow U3Aers.


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