Welcome to Tawa U3A
Chair Michael Holland addresses the 2019 AGM

Tawa U3a is a group of people who are free during the day to gather for activities of interest.

We organise courses to teach subjects of interest like Art , Ancestry or Ukulele.

There are Discussion groups where you can express your point of view, and games both indoor and outdoor.

Talks are arranged on topics of interest like Health, History or Travel

You are certain to find somethings that are of interest to you.  Read on...

You can email us - [email protected]

Website has now sent you your course list

Many thanks to Digby Gudsell who has been arranging with the website manager to send out copies of personal courses togther with personal calendars for the first half of 2019. These have now been sent directly to you. There has been some small delay in that regard but we now have a new facility to use which should prove to be most valuable to members.

The calendars only show up on PCs (not other devices) at this stage.

Linden Community afternoon huge success
Jasmine Thompson on duty for U3A, Lions and Probus. Well done that lady!

The Linden Community afternoon this last Saturday was a huge success. It was a triumph of organisation of our local community.

It was attended by the Deputy Mayor (Jill Day, of Tawa), two councillors and Cabinet Minister Kris Faafoi who made a good impression when he addressed the impressively large gathering, on a sunny afternoon. U3A Tawa took a stall displaying its banner and handling out new leaflets inviting people to check out our new website and to contact us at any time about our courses. Two people already have so we have two new members!

Committee members Jasmine Thomspon and Dave Smith were on hand to discuss U3A with people in the target age group. Both found the pleasant and jovial atmosphere within the Linden hall to be just perfect for that. The store of leaflets had to be topped up and dozens of useful discussions were held with people with a very genuine interest in the sorts of services U3A has to offer. We also had the chance to tell councillors of our enormous satisfaction with the kind help we get from the library and the Community Centre. 

This was a wonderful opportunity to attract new members and create interest in our courses throughout the north Wellington area. We are most gratified with what was achieved and thank WCC for mounting this well planned and successful function.


In response to comments from members we advise as follows.

Subs are $15 single and $25 double.

New membership cards will be available once they have been designed and printed.

Methods of paying subs are unchanged from last year :

  1. By internet banking to BNZ and Kiwibank.
  2. By cheque or cash to either bank
  3. By cheque into the white box in the Tawa library.
  • Bank account detail: U3A Tawa
  • BNZ Johnsonville: 02 0552 0198393 00
  • Kiwibank Tawa : 38 9019 0495729 00
  • Note that PO Box 56-069 will be closing when U3A is next invoiced for it.
  • Course lists were compiled from website and paper enrolments and sent to coordinators 10 days after the AGM.
  • You can still enrol for any course by contacting the coordinator by phone or email (details are in the courses booklet and on the website).
  • If you have any questions please contact a committee member (details in the Contact Us part of the site and back page of booklet)

Professor Boston gets down to street level

Professor Jonathan Boston ended the Living in an Unstable World series of lectures with a wonderful flourish that was enormously well received by his audience. The central topic of the discussion (discussion being absolutely the right word) was the disressingly short term focus of politics when we live in a world of long term "creeping" problems. The glaringly obvious one is that of climate change which has so stealthily and corrosively crept up on us. Many fail to see it yet it has the capacity to be lethal for humanity.

Prof Boston illustrated, with powerpoint images, the urgency of addressing long term a phenomenon that permeates all areas of our existence and could well produce a nightmare scenario for our children and granchildren if we fail to act. The loss of future productive capacity to chemicals and habitable land to the sea will create massive forced migrations, for example - even within this country let alone for billions of people Asia and the like.

The lack of foresight in planning for the future has led to the housing problems we now face. The scourge of nitrate runoff into waterways from dairy expansion has caused river damage that could take 100 years to fix (even starting now). Yet the nature of politics to date is such that our leaders instinctively think short-term. They were handed a seminal report many years ago by the Commissioner for the Environment predicting the severe problems we now have with intensive dairying but took little notice.Money gazumps even the future of our vulnerable planet.

It is not Prof Boston's style to lecture from a high pulpit. Rather he eyed his audience up close and energetically challenged its preconceptions on things leke electric cars and current political thinking. The U3A members responded enthusiasically and a good old socratic dialogue emerged. It was generally accepted though that action is now needed and not merely words. The hour is late and so much has to be done. Maybe a new political wave needs to be born; one that puts policies for the future ahead of a myopic fossil-fuelled present.

It was clear from the discussion over coffee (that was thriving long after Prof Boston headed back to the University) that he has sparked a serious debate that will continue among our members and, hopefully, their families. We thank the Professor for coming out to Tawa and stimulating much thought on a crucial topic.

Cooperation with Mana U3A

The story on this page about the invitation from Mana U3A to our members to attend its long-standing and highly regarded science group has newer dimensions.

Chairman Michael Holland has met with his counterpart at Mana (Bil Gebbie) to explore ways in which the two U3As could best work together in the future to support each other's programs and aims.

There is already a Tawa policy in place that enables members from either U3A to attend activities without paying an additional sub (other than paying venue/materials fees and the like as all U3A members do in any event).  At present Mana members come to our Art Group and Choir in significant numbers. 

A new development is that both U3As are looking at how the combination of group activities could be such that suggested smaller courses could be made more viable by pooling interested members; wherever the people concerned were happy to do that.

The Mana U3A is already keen to promote a seminar series using high profile presenters. Such a series would doubtless prove more impressive on a two-branch combined basis. A guarantee of good attendance is likely to attract a higher calibre of speaker. Watch this space.

Special art viewing related to Behind the Beehive course

Parliament Buildings in Molesworth Street houses a better than passable art collection. It is open to the public. Jancis Potter is planning to take a U3A group to view this art collection. The trip around the art exhibits takes about 90 minutes and is planned for 29 March. Fullest details are appended to the Behind the Beehive part of Courses A to Z.

Jancis is on 232 3915 or mobile 027 6354 733 or email [email protected]

Retirement Commissioner - Free Seminar - Retirement Homes

On Thursday 14 March the Commission will be delivering a free public education seminar at the Dowse Art Museum in 45 Laings Rd Lower Hutt.The subject is the implications of living in a retirement village as distinct from other retirement accommodation options.

The seminar discusses the personal, legal and financial implications and what people need to consider before becoming a retirement village resident. This not a commercial plug for retirement homes. The Commission offers only neutral and objective information on these matters.

The seminar runs between 10.30am and noon with tea on arrival at 10am.


You will register by:

  • calling Paul Niccolini on 021 565 321 or
  • registering online here:



(we note the above reference to Manawatu etc may just be an oversight. We will check that at the first opportunity)

Science Invitation to U3A Tawa from Mana U3A

A this point, U3A Tawa does not have a science group. Mana U3A has maintained one since 1990.

Leader Peter Evans has a huge collection of DVDs on a very wide range of science subjects. These are put to good use by the Group and they promote wide discussion after being viewed. There are also visiting speakers from time to time. 

This Group will be meeting in the Community Church lounge in Titahi Bay at 10 o'clock on alternate Monday mornings starting on 4 February. This is an excellent venue and there is plenty of room for more members/visitors. The cost is $3 and this includes a cuppa and a biscuit. 

Members of U3A Tawa are cordially invited to come along to the Group and give it a try. You just need to ring Peter Evans on 2339690 or Joan Conroy on 2367756 if you want to learn more.

Our thanks to Mana U3A for this kind offer.

Don't forget Facebook

Quite a lot of images of courses and social events stemming from U3A members are carried on Facebook: the simple-to-remember address of U3A Tawa. The process of "liking" what you see may even help us in assessing the popularity of various courses. Do have a look from time to time and add your pics too.

U3A up and away for 2019!

As you will see below classes are clicking into gear. Notification of your classes on the website are intended to go out early this week. Coordinators will soon be getting the usual lists of members in their classes.

The Gym is already up and running with U3A members working away under the watchful eye of Mark Anderson. Mark stresses that the U3A classes are extremy beneficial to the members who use them. There is no pressure (or unbearable loud music) at the half hour sessions. The main accent is on keeping people moving and encouraging good posture.

"After we hit forty we start to lose muscle and in time we find it hard to get out of a chair or the bath. We make sure that members are good for cardio, muscle strength and flexibility through stretching. The work we do is also very useful for coordination and overall mental attitude."

So get along there and do your body a favour as we take on the new year.    

Coming up in the next seven days...

Monday, 18 February 2019
1:15pm - 2:30pm - U3A Singers - Stephen's Lounge, Tawa Union Church
Tuesday, 19 February 2019
1:30pm - Write It - Group B - Tawa Library
Wednesday, 20 February 2019
1:30pm - Crafts - Member's home
Thursday, 21 February 2019
9:30am - 10:30am - Current Health Issues for Seniors - Tawa Union Church
9:30am - Table Tennis - Tawa Community Centre Hall
10:00am - Ramblers - Davies Street/Luckie Street car-park
10:00am - 12:00pm - Art Group - Tawa Community Centre
Friday, 22 February 2019
10:00am - 12:00pm - Outdoor Games -
9:30am - Scrap-Booking - Tawa Commuity Centre
1:30pm - Ukulele - Tawa Library
Sunday, 24 February 2019
2:00pm - Drop-In Philosophy - The Roundabout
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To contact us, please fill in the form below. . . . . Advise us of when you paid your subs (if you have paid recently)

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