Welcome to Tawa U3A

Tawa U3A is a group of people who are free during the day to gather for activities of interest.

We organise courses to teach subjects of interest like Art , Ancestry or Ukulele.

There are Discussion groups where you can express your point of view, and games both indoor and outdoor.

Talks are arranged on topics of interest like Health, History or Travel. We cooperate with other U3A groups and share sessions.

All up, we offer more than 50 learning and social opportunities at minimal cost.

You are certain to find somethings that are of interest to you.  Read on...


You can email us - [email protected]

How to join U3A

Joining U3A Tawa can be done with a minimum of fuss. An easy way is to ring or email one of our Committee members whose names and contacts appear in the 'Contact Us' page of this site.  You can also use our 'ENROL' page or contact info email at the bottom of this page. The bank account numbers for paying the annual sub are also in the 'Contact Us' page or you can pay to a Committee member. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Welcome to U3A Tawa.

Everyone is encouraged to enroll NOW before Course Attendee Lists are distributed to co-ordinators.

Good attendance at the 2020 AGM

The 2020 Annual General Meeting was held on 13 January which turned out to be a cold and overcast day – perfect for being indoors for lunch and discussion of general U3A matters. The event was well attended though numerous apologies were received.

Lunch was attended to with the usual care and attention by Marina Fabris. Reports referred to below were tabled and accepted by the gathering.  

Ron Bichan: a man who gave much to U3A Tawa and the world.

Ron was born in Balclutha in 1928, the first of the six children. He finished high school on a Thursday during his fifth year and started work in the BNZ the following Monday.  This had been set up by his father, though he wanted to become a school teacher.

However, in 1956 Ron was accepted into Knox Theological College. He then managed to attend the School of Social Science at VUW where Presbyterian Support Services Association assisted him to do a Diploma in Social Science.  He and Helen were married in December 1958 after his graduation from Knox College, and Helen’s from Medical School. 

 In 1967 with four children and another on the way the family moved to the parish of Porirua East, part of a cooperative set-up of Presbyterian, Anglican, Methodist and Pacific Island churches. In response to community needs he led the development of the Cannon’s Creek Opportunity Centre with an Op Shop in the ground floor while Helen later did medical work at Porirua hospital.   

 In 1979 Ron went to Stokes Valley Presbyterian parish.  Study leave for both took Ron and Helen to Australia, Britain and Canada.  Helen was subsequently appointed to the Commonwealth Secretariat and they moved to London in late 1990. On their return they settled back in their Linden house and became involved in Tawa Union parish (and, by extension, U3A) life.  Many valuable U3A courses came out of there with Ron’s help. Ron was also a leader in the development of the Men’s shed in Tawa – which is now well established.

Ron died on Christmas day 2019 and will be deeply missed by many, many people both in Tawa and around New Zealand.

Michael Holland gives his last Chairman's report to AGM

The AGM was opened by Chairman Michael Holland who gave his report on the 2019 session. He noted that while membership is falling the number and wide variety of courses had grown enormously over the last 6 years. The reasons for this reduction in membership numbers is something that the incoming Committee might usefully investigate as to why this is occurring. Generally it can be said that most non-profit organisations throughout the country are suffering falls in membership numbers; some much worse than others.

Michael thanked members of the Committee (some of whom were standing down) and members generally for their many contributions of time and effort over the last year. He especially valued the yeoman service given by outgoing Treasurer Jasmine Thompson whose financial reports have been an object lesson in how to present clearly expressed accounts. Michael was in turn thanked for his many years of service to U3A Tawa by those all at the meeting. 

Financial report shows us to be living well within our income

Treasurer Jasmine Thompson (in her final year in the position) tabled the income and expenditure report for the year ended 30 November 2019. It showed a very healthy financial situation. There is certainly no need to make any adjustment to the standard subscription of $15 per annum; which must surely be the lowest amount charged by any U3A.

The main highlights of the report are as follows:

  • Total income was $11, 585 and $1596 over expenditure
  • Expenditure was less than $9000 (including a mere $1000 for printing)
  • The single main cost was that of hall hire which was $3,608
  • Hall costs were offset by member payments of over $5,000
  • We continue to enjoy huge support from the Tawa Library and the TCC which very helpfully reduces overall hall costs
  • Despite the acquisition of the website in 2018 (which came to charge in 2019) we are showing an accrued funds balance of $13,410.
  • Nine of the society’s teaching aids (such as projectors) are now showing a book value of zero and may be considered for renewal given the healthy state of our accumulated funds.

It was noted in passing that as members are broadly keen to receive an annual courses booklet there were many more printed this year and this will show as increased cost in this year’s accounts.

Four changes to the Management Committee following AGM

As indicated on this site late last year the Managing Committee has changed its personnel following the recent AGM.

Chairman Michael Holland now lives in Levin, Treasurer Jasmine Thompson now resides in Kapiti and Secretary Carole Naylor has retired from that position.

New Committee members are Helen Roper, Helen Thompson (Secretary), Marie Prescott (Treasurer) and Pauline Gallagher.   Former Committee member Alison Bayly (Membership) will be the new Chairperson.

The new Committee has its first meeting in early February after which we will display a new group photograph in Contact Us together with digital contact addresses and pen pictures of the whole Committee.

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To contact us, please fill in the form below. . . . . Advise us of when you paid your subs (if you have paid recently)

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